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what is your DD


how many ppl use there Jeeps as DD  

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  1. 1. how many ppl use there Jeeps as DD

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I could use it as a DD, but more often it is just easier to jump in one of the Hyundai's and just go, but sometimes it will get driven on a daily basis, depends on how I feel at the time. I just bought a baby seat for it so I can drive it more often too. And now that I think I have my 68 Beetle sold, I may want to drive it more often as it will be my only "fun car" to drive.

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Bought the MJ a year ago as a toy was driving XJ`s for years and still do. Once I got the MJ the XJ just sits most of the time. I have been without it for a month due to engine problems and can't wait until its back on the road. The donor is set to go in wednesday hope to have it running by Friday! Big problem is winter is coming and I just can't run it here in the salt its just to nice and rust free for a northern truck to ruin it. So I say 50/50.

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I've got a dodge diesel, IE a 94 ram 2500, that I DD. 18mpg, and only because I haven't tweaked anything. Most guys get more like 20 - 25mpg. I put about 60 000Kms on it every year, which isn't a huge amount but it handles it okay, and it's still reasonably nice despite the abusive conditions. Road salt, gravel, living outside 24/7, sitting for months and then being driven hard, etc.


I don't have either a MJ or an XJ that actually could be driven right now. Well, maybe if you sat in one while somebody pushed it off a cliff and called that 'driving'.

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Well up untill the other day my 05 rubicon unlimited was the DD but since i cleaned it up so i could sell it so i could buy the new dodge power wagon that i want as the next soon to be DD , so that measn my 75 ramcharger has take up the DD duties once again which is nice and at 6-10 mpg it is kind preparing me for the poor mpg,s of the power wagon :brows: . o and id smash the manche but its still broke :D

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I guest I could say the MJ is my DD, running around town, out of town, but when I need to do a job, it's the Ford cube van, which only gets 10mpg :( ........the MJ......20+mpg :D


Curiosity is killing me. What is it that you do Wildman? What funds the madness? And where do you keep all of these things?


Sorry, just been kinda wonderin.... :dunno:

Rob L.

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The MJ is my current DD. But I am getting ready to take the tags and insurance off of it and strip it to the shell. Time to get serious with with body work. It will take a while.


Once the MJ is out of DD duties, I will be DD'ing my Rubi on 35's and 5.13's :nuts:

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