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  1. I like it ! Reminds me of my dads 1990 Scottsdale suburban with the barn doors , though with the xj I think I would have gone with the split back window / tailgate ! Best of both worlds . Oddly enough though I hate the suburbans with the window / tailgate BS .
  2. Most all electric pumps are better pushing fuel than they are pulling it ! Not to say it won’t work at least for a little while but it needs to be mounted as close to the tank as possible . Also you need to remove the stock pump on the engine and cap the hole , on all the 2.8 Iv seen had a return line to the tank on the pump as well that you don’t need so cap that and make sure you are pulling fuel from the corect line. If you suspect the line is plugged unhook it from the pump and blow air back to the tank ( only a couple psi ) and see if it blows freely , I have a pree filter mounted inline on the rubber hose between the tank outlet and the hardline running to the front and my pump is mounted only 2 feet from the tank .
  3. Don’t know why the actual name eludes me but that is used to help your engine heat up when cold . The metal part is vacuum operated and is connected to the rectangular flap and when it is closed the engine sucks warm air through the round hole on the bottom that is connected to a sheet metal cover that is around the exhaust manifold.
  4. There was a member on here that used to fix those up and flip them ! Think he lived in Colorado? Also had a diesel liberty he was fixing up ! Anyhoo I learned that that’s kinda the going rate for those things and there are some shops specializing in restoring those and they can go for big money , I still think it’s way over priced but whatever.
  5. 86FUBAR

    California Fires

    Had a 30 + acre fire start up about 2:00 in monterey county at Laguna Seca Race Way yesterday , it's under control now but could have been much worse . The sad part is it was most likely a cigarette but someone tossed out as a race had just ended and people were leaving !
  6. So first off did you ever get anywhere with the carb adjustments? I never herd anything else after the last post in your " carb" thread ? Also does it have the correct thermostat in it ? And correct I mean one for a 2.8 ? Everything you get for it other than some internal pieces and stuff pertaining to the serpentine belt setup etc. should be fo the 2.8. Perhaps replace the t-stat anyway as they are cheap as the temp seems way to high to me . What's the oil look like ? Could be thinking out when it gets that hot causing a lifter to collapse maby . And when is the electric fan kicking on ? Could be set to late and that can cause it to just run higher temps all together. ( had that happen to me before) I noticed in some other pics that the ported vacuum switch on the manifold had been bypassed, the carb might need the vacuum inputs to better adjust itself.
  7. Yes the factory 2.8 fuel pump had a return line ! No you don't need it ! If the pump you installed is supplying 5-8 psi then you're good . Yes you could hook it up and use it if you had a pump that put out to much psi and you had a regulator that utilizes a return line and yes it keeps the fuel cooler and stuff but it's not needed. I did exactly what I just told you to do to my truck and it works just fine and even still passes California emissions. If you actually read the link I posted it tells you exactly how to adjust the carb and were the idle mixture screw is located etc.. Also I suggest that you ditch the stock fuel filter located in the back of the carb and install a inline filter , easier to service , inspect and you don't have to worry about messing up the threads ever.
  8. Your carb is an 2SE (the E2SE version is electricly controlled) there is a IIRC a mixture screw that requires a special tool located under the rectangular mesh screen on top of the carb that could be adjusted ! I remember doing it to mine when I swaped to a 3.4 , I'll see if I can dig up the info for ya and as for the tool I borrowed it from a friend who owned a shop. To me it sounds like it just needs to be adjusted ! That's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new carb , I know these ain't the best carbs but they do work . Edit: http://www.autozone.com/repairguides/Jeep-Wagoneer-Commando-Cherokee-1984-1998/CARBURETED-FUEL-SYSTEM/Rochester-2SE-E2SE-Carburetor/_/P-0900c152800a9cdb found this !!! This is actually got an amazing amount of helpful info in it ! Near the bottom it talks about an external idle mixture screw that I totally forgot about. I would start here.
  9. Never had a 2.5 but I regularly hauled 2 dirt bikes , gear , fuel etc.. with my 86 5 speed 2.8l on 31s with 3.55 gears and it did it fine ! It was no speed demon but it did it ! And everyone says that the 2.5 is more powerful than the 2.8 so.... ya . I did get a chance to drive a 84 cheroke 2.8 auto and it seemed a lot worse than my truck ever was with the stick , not sure what the gearing was but the stick would be the way to go as the auto really seemed to sap a lot of power .
  10. 86FUBAR

    New Phone Scam

    I used to have custom ring tones etc.. for all my contacts, but I use my phone for work so I get a lot of calls form people that I'm dealing with on a daily and it's not uncommon for me to get calls from all over the U.S. so if I did the whole "I don't answer unless I know them and if not they can leave a message" thing then I wouldn't get anything done ! If you can do that then great but I simply can't . Besides if I don't know you I'll just hang up !! I don't care :)
  11. 86FUBAR

    New Phone Scam

    I got hit with this scam today wile at work on my cell and thanks to this thread I said nothing and hung up immediately !!! The call came through exactly as described and I immediately recognized it as the scam thanks to the heads up from you guys ! Thanks :)
  12. I installed a "spitter valve" on my compressor! It's designed to automatically drain the water out on its own and are used on air brake systems , they were used on a lot of the older buses that we used to have at work and seemed to work ok . It is a bendix DV-2 valve http://www.plazafleetparts.com/uploads/2/1/9/0/2190100/dv-2_drain_valve_installation.pdf Here is a link to what and how it works.
  13. 86FUBAR

    Camo Job

    I was going to do this to my truck a few years ago but chickened out as the paint was still really nice . Then started thinking about it again last week as I was walking around my lower field seeing at how ratty the old girl was starting to look ! Part of why I didn't do mine as I couldn't figure out which style of camp I wanted to do . Your looks great !! Came out real well !
  14. Edelbrock had a set of their TES (tubular exhaust system) smog legal headers for sale for a wile though last time I checked I couldn't find them or any other of their other headers for sale . You should be able to find something listed for a s10 that should be able to make fit but won't be smog legal if that even matters.
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