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  1. I was actually wondering the same thing. I have never had any problems with Rusty’s. I’ll be watching this for a good answer
  2. It happens to the best of them... It took some time to find it just to update it.
  3. Didn't waste much time once i got home again and got back to it. Spent sometime on the phone with a guy from Rusty's and a few days later most of the parts had came in. Sorry for the bad picture Everything fit great ! So now to clean and paint it all
  4. Got a few parts to help make it sound better
  5. Well after looking for a while i found the old thread.. Got a few new updates to add they are kinda old to me now but figured i would share anyway.
  6. If you have all the stuff to do the motor tranny swap do it !! Sell the big @$$ tires get yourself some more cash to finish it of with. Budget lifts are a dime a dozen. There are a couple of home brew lifts on here if you look that will also get you by. If you don't go super crazy and beat the piss out of your drive line it will hold just fine. We dynoed mine at 435HP and 405 LBS of torque with stock axels and 33" tires no problems.... Fender triming is also very helpful if you want a bit more tire too.. It can be done just be smart about it.
  7. If your tight on space up front just do one side at a time.. With jack stands of course.
  8. Did you use an F Body LS ? How did you squeeze the alternator between the block and power steering pump ? Also if you can avoid it any don't use Kryo Kool Radiators they are junk... $700 ill never get back due to the amount of time it took me to finish my LS1 swap
  9. Thank you for the info now i have a good start point !
  10. I have to move my fuel tank to the same location as yours. How much of a pain was it ? And what parts did you use to install it there?
  11. Had I have looked harder when i was hunting down parts for my LS1 swap! I would have just bought the whole truck and had everything at once instead of using a Corvette motor and then two years later buying a new tranny and T-Case from a truck because I killed the Turbo 350. I’m not saying this is best for everyone when the ole mighty dollar is controlling your build, but its so much easier to have everything you need together at the beginning and getting the smaller parts later on then having a rolling chassis laying around for a year or more. LS or Vortec motors work great for me !
  12. Great build! I dropped an LS1 in my Manch with next to no problems but the oil pan was super close to the front drive shaft yoke. We had to add more lift and lower the bump stops to keep from destroying the bottom end when the suspension was at full tuck.. Just a heads up
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