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Tail lights

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Inspired by the European turn signal question-


I've been looking around for an appropriate tail light replacement, one that would look right with the truck (stock) but updated. And one that could easily be replaced.


Has anyone done a tail light conversion? Not some BS screw-on plate with LED's but an actual body repair/mod and conversion?


Any pics?




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If a repaint of the truck is in its future, you could do some salvage yard scouting and find a 90's square-body Dakota and cut out the tail light mounting portion of the bed and graft it to the MJ bed corners in place of the originals. That would give you replaceability of the tail light housings with ones available for the Dakota. There might even be some aftermarket "cool custom" ones available for those trucks, since they were popular with the low-riding mini truck crowd, but I can't find anything but stodk replacements available. If I were building an MJ and had in the works a repaint, I would do this swap. I wish I had done it back in 2006 when I had my MJ painted. Instead I paid way too much for a decent pair of stock tail lights, and they still don't look that great.


A similar grafting job with the sheet metal corners from an early 90's boxy-body S-10 would definitely get you into aftermarket custom light mounting territory.

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I've junked out a couple of Dakotas, and I think those lights are pretty closebut maybe just a little wider looking from the rear. They even look right at first glance, hardly anyone would know the difference. They even sell them at the parts store!

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The Rusty's ones are way nicer but not street legal.

Wouldn't take much to make them street legal for any state with a drill and some lights. IMO I think the one light is an obvious choice but being all metal making them more custom would be easy.
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