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  1. https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/cto/6133361783.html
  2. Any sliders I've had have all been a single pane of glass, so I'd say the one in your truck is aftermarket.
  3. Unsure on the width. I'd imagine it would definitely be wider, however weren't those 150's 5x5 bolt pattern? That's one of the pluses of the Explorer 8.8 is to be able to keep your current wheels/ match the front.
  4. Welcome. Being a Renix go through as many of these as possible. http://cruiser54.com/
  5. Finally had a day off when the weather was decent. The muffler is shot, so that's been removed along with the tailpipe. Plan to order a new muffler and turn down to go in its place. Pulled the bench out and put one of my biluckets in temporarily. Also pulled up the driver side carpet to see the floor damage. Not as bad as I would have figured with how bad the door is. Looks like it will need one small patch. And threw on the Ecco's I picked up from Warrior Spit. Need to replace 2 of the tires, but I should have enough laying around. Still dealing with the rough running/idle issue, believe it needs an o2 sensor. With warm weather finally here, I'm hoping I can get moving along on this.
  6. Guy said he bought it to put on his tractor. He was told it came off an older Cherokee. The mounting bracket looks to be correct. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pts/6041187427.html
  7. So my plan was to get it running before, as it would be much easier to be able to drive it off the trailer rather then drag it with the tractor. Threw a known good CPS in and a new battery and it fired surprisingly easy. Got it off the trailer and let it run for a while. It runs rough, and smokes a bit, but I'm sure the gas is getting quite old now. Planned to pull the carpet, but the rain set in. Took some more pictures as well, mainly the rust. Rockers will be cut out, and sliders will be welded in place. Driver doors needs to be replaced as well. Interior is mostly there. I like the blue interior, and plan to keep it mostly stock. The bench will get pulled for buckets for now. May go a different route in the future.
  8. So about 8 years ago, I was driving a 2000 XJ, my first car and Jeep. I always loved the Jeep "pickups" and started researching them. Found an 88 Pioneer 4.0/4x4/ba10/swb with probably the most rust I've ever seen on a vehicle. I bought thinking I had the skills to fix it. That never happened, and it ended up stripped for parts. I've had several MJ's and XJ's since I including my current 91. I haven't been able to work on it as much as I would like, and it just sits in the garage. The other day I was looking through the classifieds, and found Wesleypipesyo selling an 88 Pioneer 4.0/AW4/4×4/LWB. We talked back and forth a bit, and I ended up dragging the trailer a couple hours away and we made a deal. Plans are to get it back running and on the road first. I have big plans for it in the future, but getting it back to a solid runner is #1 priority, something I haven't done in the past. I'll add to this a little later, but here's my only picture so far for your viewing pleasure.
  9. dunnc1991


    1988, Jeep Comanche, Pioneer Image Not Found 4.0 / AW4 / NP231 / D30 / D35 / LWB Build date: 07/88 Current Location: Bloomery, WV Status: Will be returning to the road asap Notes: Column shift, Bench seat, Blue on Blue Current owner: Chris Dunn
  10. TJ flares turned out pretty good. My 88 I just picked has the same rust issues, I've got some TJ flares to go on when I get to that point. I pm'd you about that winch.
  11. Where at in maryland? I may have one laying around.
  12. I agree that maintenance history is more important then mileage when I look at any vehicle. The more records the better, unfortunately a lot of these trucks aren't kept after or sit for a long time. My 91 I'm building shows approx. 280k miles, and with a little tweaking runs pretty good for the condition I found it in. 4.0/2.5's are pretty stout engines, so as long as the truck seems in halfway decent shape I wouldn't be too concerned on the mileage. FWIW, I daily a neon with over 300k miles and I hardly maintain it, so high mileage really doesn't bother me.
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