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  1. Wish I could stumble on a cool radio like those. I've always wanted an old AMC radio/CB.
  2. That is if you can even find your MJs... :yes: It almost got down to 40 degrees here, I even thought about turning on the heater. random google image pic...
  3. Look up Copart.com or your nearest insurance auction. Check out their listings for wrecked XJs, you might luck out and find one that's been hit in the side or simply has minor damage. You can buy an entire XJ for under a grand. Look for listings that say "Run and Drive" in the description. Depending on your distance from the nearest auction, the shipping could be cheap, or pick it up if you have a trailer. Or go the JY route, if its not wrecked, its usually an engine or trans problem that landed them there.
  4. I've had six 5.9s, love em. They're comfortable, fast (but not all of them are as fast as others), they're as good offroad as any other stock Jeep, can be had for $1,500 or so for a good runner, not the ideal tow rig but they'll tow all day long. Only rust or a ravished interior would scare me away from a running niner. But then again, I'm very familiar with their quirks and mechanical issues.
  5. I like where you put that light bar. A smaller one like that shouldn't block too much airflow.
  6. "Cause when this baby hits 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious..."
  7. Sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be a fun, fast, cheap XJ build but I'm almost done with the 2.5, then back to the XJ! My buddy broke a couple of vertebrae in a work accident last year and luckily wasn't paralyzed. He's an inch shorter now and still not fully recovered. He inherited it with a bad head/head gasket and leaked coolant into the cylinders while he was out of action and rusted the cylinders. Its tough to keep an engine clean during assembly working in the driveway but we had plenty of brake cleaner on hand. I was glad to help out, It was a fun rebuild. I should have it stabbed and running tomorrow. Its timed, primed and ready to go. .030 pistons, new cylinder head, new stock cam, pacesetter header, 4 hole injectors, 4.0 TB, 225 amp alternator (for a big system)...a couple of pics. Tried this blue color out, we decided it was too much like Ford Blue. So he chose black and burnt orange. Priming the engine. Seems pressure will be good, good flow up the pushrods. Fancy alternator.
  8. Pretty sure its a 2012. Gogmorgo, yup he jumped it.
  9. Full width trusses and inner C gussets are a must with JK axles. 65" width with 25" wall tubes.
  10. LED interior lights and LED dash lights.... I'm sure someone has a part number list of LED bulbs to do the entire interior.
  11. Sorry for the delay on this XJ build....I've got the TJ 2.5 at the machine shop getting bored out. In the meantime I helped a buddy on his 93' XJ. We changed the head gasket and swapped a 99+ intake. Turned out he had a Renix block with a 7120 head. We had to go back to the JY for a PS bracket and I scored a K&N CAI for $10! Also found a 2.5L Dakota which will soon donate its bellhousing and trans to Jay's Junk pile o' Jeep parts for some future project.
  12. Still finding/waiting on someone that can do a PCM flash tune for the thing. Those old Chrysler JTEC PCMs are too smart for piggyback controllers. :/ Have you tried FlyinRyan? He's on thespeedfreaks.net and The Jeep Garage.
  13. I'd leave the overload leaf in the spring pack to help with axle wrap. To bring it down some you could replace a some of your middle leafs with XJ leafs which are flatter.
  14. Ruff Stuff isn't too bad, they ship all their tubing UPS.
  15. Yeah there's supposed to be a memory function in the craftsman batteries. Not really sure how it is supposed to work. I'm really not consistent with how I charge them either. Sometimes they're dead sometimes not when I put them on the charger.
  16. What cordless tools do you guys recommend? I bought a set of craftsman cordless tools a few years ago and they've been okay. The tools themselves work fine, but the batteries aren't the most reliable. I've found the Lithium Ion 19v were nice and strong but only lasted 6 months. The NiCad batteries are weaker but seem to last a little longer. But I'm tired of taking them back on returns. I've resurrected a few by zapping them with my mig welder but they died soon after also. Was thinking of buying the individual batteries from Radio Shack and putting them in the cases. Honestly, I think every NiCad batteries on the market are essentially the same thing. What luck with other brands have you guys had?
  17. Nice, I'm looking for one too!
  18. :agree: The temp sender sometimes gives crazy signals. Check upper and lower rad hoses, t stat housing, front and back of the head and along the block. Not a Fluke, but good and about %50 cheaper than the HF IR thermometer. http://www.lowes.com/pd_73790-56005-IRT207_0__?productId=3136869
  19. B pillars looked like they held up well.
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