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  1. Has anyone ever modified a Factory J-10 (Full size Jeep truck) rollbar to fit a Comanche.I just done this and it's an easy mod. to do.I thinks it looks good. My photobuckets messed up so I can't post pics.on here.Unfortionatly I didn't take any pics. of the mod.But it's easy to explain if anyones interested. I do have pics. of the finished product posted on Facebook ( Jeep Comanche March 10 ) If anyone can hijack those pics. and post them over here,Please do. I know J-10 rollbars are probably harder to find than a Comanche rollbars but if you happen to have one laying around or know where on
  2. I see Amazon has a listing for Comanche specific Weather Tec floor mats,Anybody have these?,How do they fit the floor?
  3. 75sv1 Is right.If he you happen to have the BA-10/5 you can convert it as described above.You don't even have to pull the tranny to do it.Just done this to my truck a couple months ago.But you will have to find a 4wd. tailhousing to put in the place of the 2wd. tailhousing.Also you,ll need to remove the speedometer gear off the tailshaft It's all easy.
  4. I bought mine brand new off Amazon,Exact replacement 18 gal.,Fit perfect. $125.00 free shipping
  5. Love your visor,Do you know the brand and if they are still available and if so where? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if the select-trac sticker that goes on the drivers side sunviser is available anymore,anywhere? Thanks
  7. I just finished my 4x4 swap mating a BA-10/5 to a NP242, Ordered Berstwerks linkage kit,Everything I've read about it is true.Quick and simple.Can't go wrong with it.
  8. Finished my 4x4 conversion over the weekend,Everything went well,Kind of an easy swap.Want to thank everyone for their help.Thanks again.
  9. The YJ D30 will probably work with some modifying. A YJ has leaf springs in the front instead of coil springs. I would hold out for an XJ D30
  10. My 88 XJ doner came with a non-cad high pinion D-30,I believe any XJs that came with a 242 TC. will have the same in it,355 gears also,
  11. Anybody have a part number for a BA-10/5 tranny mount.Thanks
  12. That was my plan untill I found out they don't make a kit for the 242 mated to a standard tranny.
  13. Anyone mate a BA-10/5 to a NP 242,Looking for some pics. of how you did your T.C. shift linkage.Thanks
  14. It's from an 88 Wrangler,My T/C is from an 88 XJ.
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