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  1. Does the 2001 cherokee rear need to be modified or just brute strength? Truth be told I pushed pulled banged and finally got it in. Is this bad? I can rebuild the old one. Any help i am grateful
  2. Hey guys. I am selling my 88 comanche. It is a base model 4.0 5spd 4wd (converted by p.o.) It only has surface rust on floorboards. I am not sure about the current drivetrain. It runs ok. Istarted to disassemble it. I just don't have the time to work on it anymore. I also stripped a 2001 cherokee down to use. I have everything from the cherokee to do a complete conversion. I am asking 5000.00 for all. Every jeep part will go. This truck is Lebanon tn 30 mins east of nashville. It is posted on Craigslist nashville.(type in comanche) My name is greg 865-282-5430 clear title in my name.text or email gnx1117@gmail.com. thanks
  3. Thanks for all the replies i have decided to pull the 88 engine trans and tc and sell it and rebuild the 2000 xj 4.0.
  4. Hi guys just wondering if my 88 MJ 4.0 head will work on a 2000 xj? I basically tore down the motor found cracked head cracked intake on the xj. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I am going to use the entire drive train and wiring from the xj(rebuilding engine) how much of the interior can be used, full dash, seats, console. This xj is complete bumper to bumper.I just want to use as much as possible before i junk it. Thanks
  6. Thanks. The Mj was converted to 4x4 by PO from what i can tell it is 92 cherokee transfer case and front diff. Also has 4.5 rusty lift. The only reason for the change to have matching running gear
  7. I want to use fromt and rear diffs auto tranny transfer case out of the xj and put it in my mj will this be easy or hard???
  8. Hi guys I am new to this forum. Here it goes I purchased this 88 comanche 4wd did a vin check it decoded as a 88 2wd 5spd base 4.0L.I don't know where to start checking to make sure things are done right? Far as i can tell rusty 4.5" lift 31/10.50/15 front shaft not connected speedo not connected alignment was way off (had fixed) alignment guy said needs adjustable upper control arms. I think the drive shaft and upper control arms are from its 2wd days. I drove it home about 50 miles no problems. I would really like to know where to start to make sure it has the correct parts.
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