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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/03/25/cardboard-most-interesting-man-fails-as-carpool-lane-ruse/?intcmp=features This Monday, March 23, 2015 photo by Washington State Patrol Trooper Tony Brock shows a cardboard cutout of the "The Most Interesting Man In The World," otherwise known as actor Jonathan Goldsmith, of Dos Equis beer TV commercial fame, strapped to the passenter seat of a driver who tried to use the image to qualify to drive the carpool lane on Interstate 5 near Fife, Wash. The trooper says it's by far the best carpool scam he's seen, but it didn't work. Both were chuckling as the driver, whose name wasn't released, said "He's my best friend." The Most Interesting Man was not confiscated, but the driver was told not to use him again. The State Patrol tweeted the photo, saying: "I don't always violate the HOV lane law ... but when I do, I get a $124 ticket." (AP Photo/Washington State Patrol, Trooper Tony Brock)
  2. http://www.davebarton.com/volvorearends.html
  3. Some AMC parts were used well into the early 90s. Smaller stuff...
  4. All Hail the Thunder Chief!
  5. True... true... :laughin: I have the Dakota PS pump and reservoir stashed...its the same stuff as the XJ... So a Dak should be a good PS donor also.
  6. A Renix TBI 4 cyl XJ/MJ with power steering should be bolt it but I couldn't find one locally. Overall it was easy but I had to chase down parts from a couple different XJs. The pump and reservoir came from a 95' 4cyl MPFI XJ, the power steering bracket came from a Renix 4.0 XJ. The front accessories of the TBI 4cyl and the Renix MPFI 4.0 are the same. But the 4cyl MPFI power steering pump does not have threads on the back side of it...it threads into the MPFI intake manifold. So what I did was use some nuts and bolts which clamp the pump to the renix power steering bracket. It lines up the serpentine belt just fine, but now if I need to loosen or tighten the belt I have two more nuts to take loose. There are three bolts securing the pump to a MPFI manifold but there are only two slots on the renix bracket. The pics might explain what I did a little better... Also, you will need a power steering gear box and pitman arm - and the three mounting bolts. The non power pitman arm shaft is smaller than the power steering pitman arm. Pitman arms don't interchange between the two.
  7. Found the build sheet! Went to install an awesome Sony cassette player I pulled from a JY Volvo and install speakers and found the door panels have never been off. I was gonna cut a hole in them for speakers but I think I'm gonna keep the originals on the shelf and I'll probably end up converting it to a grey interior. LKQ counter girl just laughed at me, said I could have it and thanked me for getting it out of the yard. haha! Its got a pre-out on the back too. Stack o' radios, I've got three stockers left over which I prefer cause no one will steal it. But I think the Sony cassette is going in. Its got three different colors when it lights up at night!!! :rotfl2: My ZJ has the proper stuff, MJs get the junk. Don't laugh, the cassette player and one of those 12v school bus driver fans are gonna be major items in this build! :yes: Nice to work on something so unmolested for once!
  8. Oh, the older block has a metric threaded oil filter, new block is standard.
  9. All the motor mount bosses were the same so that aspect was a bolt in affair. The 87' block has access to the fuel pump lobe and the later block does not. Either way it's not needed except as bolt holes for grounding wires. The AX5 pressure plate will not bolt to the Dak flywheel, the holes are just a little off. I used the 87' flywheel. I guess I should have researched that in case there was a balance change somewhere along the line but so far it's humming along...idles and runs as smooth as the TBI can I guess. The Dak balancer is also snug against the timing cover and the 87' sticks out about 3/8" further.
  10. Also, I had to drill out the pivot hole on the new master cylinder to fit the clutch pedal. Yeah its no where near the other one...but this truck is just gonna be my JY parts getter and grocery runner.
  11. Okay, found a crack in the block by the water pump so I swapped in a 99'ish 2.5 Dakota block from the JY. I had previously pulled the bellhousing and flywheel...then hid the engine and AX15 in the back of newly dropped PT Cruiser. I figured it would be safe there, I mean who pulls parts for PT Cruiser, no one! haha. Total cost of engine swap, $150 for the block, about $75 for fluids and gaskets. Runs great so far idling in the driveway. The original engine ran awesome and is probably repairable but I didn't wanna mess with it. Now its got a Dakota block, 87' Renix head, 95' XJ AX5, and more subtle changes to come! I'm kinda proud of this little truck. I have the title inspector coming next week and can't wait to start driving it! The crack goes back about 2". Pulled this a while back... Disregard the Fram, it was just a placeholder. Its running a Mopar 090. Should've swapped the MJ oil pan on before laying it in...the MJ exhaust didn't fit with the Dak oil pan. The MJ pan has a recess for the down pipe...so I painted the MJ pan blue (ran out of black engine paint) and put it back on...all good now.
  12. Yes, checked with plastigage. You're correct Don, there was some variance. The thrust bearing was good, the other mains were just a little big .0025 - .003. Rods were spot on. New head and valve train components, timing chain, cam, cam bearings, lifters, Melling oil pump, pistons, rings. My renix 4.0 has been running low oil pressure like this for years. I wouldn't sweat it, but this isn't my Jeep and it is bugging me. Its a mystery and there can't be mysteries in engine building, things are either in spec or they're not. I triple and quadruple checked everything during assembly, torque specs checked with 3x wrenches. I put it together correctly, the thing fired right up on the first turn of the key, but obviously something isn't right. I'm trying to rundown causes in my head and my first culprit is the bearing clearance. Perhaps its bleeding off oil out of the mains and that could be disastrous later on for the rods if it gets worse. Maybe the new oil pump isn't up to task. I admit I didn't check the pump gerotor clearance. Not sure but I'm gonna find out.
  13. :doh: It jumps to 20 and up with any throttle. Until its warmed up completely its idling at 40, then drops when hot.
  14. Guys, recently rebuilt a 2.5. Oil pressure is just a little low. My buddy has put about 500 miles on it since I assembled it...new everything except crank and rods, .030 over pistons. Dropping to 10 psi when warmed and idling. The machine shop polished the main journals and clearance was a little on the high side of the spec .003. I'm gonna drop the pan and roll in some .001 oversized bearings...but I can't find any? I know there out there guess I'm looking in the wrong places. Anyone recommend a source? Thanks Jay
  15. Are those the regulators? Haha..... Cool 2 door vent windows, must have had my head in the GA coastal sand cause I didn't know those vent windows even existed. :doh: I like em!!!
  16. That would come in really handy at the JY testing ECUs. I passed on one out of a 87' XJ waggy in a yard today, ran out of time really.
  17. Early 2.5s have a PCV valve, later are CCV. Clean all the tubes out and clean the PCV valve. Check your compression. Hopefully it isn't from blow by.
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