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    Main interests are doing things with the family, trains, and Jeeps. I belong to one of the best Jeep Clubs on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, the Jupiter Jeep Club. We're an all Jeep household, four Jeeps now I bought the MJ. I have a '92 CJ9 (YJ with CJ front clip, gauges, tailgate, roll bar, and side rocker trim on a 2.5" Rancho lift, 1" Daystar BL, 5/8" MORE boom shackles, and 33x10.5 SS TSL's), '93 XJ (2WD with 3" Rough Country lift and XJ Waggy tail lights, it's my DD), my wife's '04 WJ Grand Laredo(2WD to 4WD conversion with 242 case, 2.5" OME spring lift, all interior has been upgraded to Limited, and is Inferno Red with Graphite Limited cladding and bumpers), and finally, my late '86 MJ Long Bed (no motor or trans, but has the D44, and looks to be as rust free as a truck this age can be).

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  1. With the tree and the trash on the driver side windshield of the truck, I couldn't get to the VIN. I think it'll be worth getting, just what I've seen. It has 136,819.8 on the clock. Jerry
  2. Well, got more pics yesterday. Thought this was interesting a D44 under a shortbox: Image Not Found And the buckets are from a four door XJ, no flip lever on the seat back: Image Not Found It indeed is 4WD, here'so the front axle: Image Not Found As for ID-ing the year, here is the grille and no emblems on the tailgate. Image Not Found Image Not Found Here is a better side view: Image Not Found Hopefully will be talking to the service manager on Monday. Jerry
  3. Been a while, but, I think we used head bolts on the engine, since we had the head off, and around the trans.
  4. If it'still that old, why does it have a floor shift auto? I thought, up to a certain year, they were all column shift. Jerry
  5. Well, if we could get a 4.0, AW4, and 242 all attached out of an XJ, a 2.5 with everything attached shouldn't be a problem. Image Not Found Jerry
  6. I'll get the VIN tomorrow, should be able to track it down from there.
  7. Can someone delete the multiple posts? The damn phone glitches, and I didn't think it posted. Thanks, Jerry
  8. I went to look at the new Jeeps at Wallace Jeep in Stuart, FL. I just so happened to drive the Eliminator that day. The salesman that was with me noted the Eliminator and said that the dealership still has a Comanche that they use for power washing cars on the lot. Today, I had time to investigate, and we found it behind the service area. Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found It has the 4.0, floor shift AW4, 4WD, factory buckets and console, and factory rear slider. Doesn't look too bad. Going to talk to the service manager to see if they want to sell it. Doesn't look like it's been moved in a while, judging by the tree. Can anyone guess the year? I think the floor shifter and those buckets (different then my 88 Eliminator) are possible clues. Thanks! Jerry
  9. After Jeep Beach, the topper came off and the bed rails came on: Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Another addition, sun visors installed that work with the overhead console. They both have vanity lights and mirrors. Image Not Found Jerry
  10. In getting ready for Jeep Beach, I painted the topper that was on the parts Jeep and put it on the Eliminator. Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Here are some pics from Jeep Beach: Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Jerry
  11. Thanks, this is the packaging for the LED lights Image Not Found I got these at a local truckers' chrome and CB shop in West Palm Beach, FL. I don't know who else is selling thenot. Jerry
  12. Well, I can say the Eliminator is one color shade now, but, not exactly a pro job. It's a Rustoleum rattle can job, anyways. Here is what it looks like now. Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Jerry
  13. Did some work on the Eliminator before Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, FL. I painted the driver side of the cab and front fender (doing the pass side tomorrow), as well as added lift shackles for an additional 1.25" of lift. Here are the fruits of my labor. Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found I really like the stance now, just need 31's, and I'll be happy. Image Not Found Here is one lift shackle on to see the difference. Image Not Found Jerry
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