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  1. Truck is up for sale. Gosh, I'll miss this truck. Reason for sale, Army is moving me oversea's. Please see the classified section or it is here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Jeep-Comanche-pioneer/113196777939
  2. Well the time has come. Army has decided to send me oversea's and I can't take this truck with me. Really sad actually I really love this truck and had more plans for it. Below is a link to the eBay sale. Reserve is set at $4000.00. I will include the description below. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Jeep-Comanche-pioneer/113196777939 1988 Jeep Comanche. The good: Runs and drives just fine. I converted it to 4 wheel drive and changed the engine to a 1999 4.0 L Engine had around 85,000 on it when I put it in OD reads 60000 and I think it has about 105000 on it now. This truck comes with two sets of doors tube and regular. All the KC lights work, and the roll bars are a nice touch to this truck. The gears have been upgraded to 4.56's, and the rear is a dana 44 with an Eaton electric locker. The front is a dana 30 with a true track locker. The truck has spent most its life down south with the exemption three winters. One in MN and two in New York. Most of the winter the truck was stored to avoid the salt. The truck was also undercoated. Bumpers are custom and heavy duty and the truck has a working 6000-pound winch with synthetic line. It has gotten many upgrades over the years, and I genuinely enjoy this truck always the talk at the Jeep shows since there are not too many good looking Comanches around. Selling due to the Army moving me to Hawaii and I can't take two trucks with me. The Bad: Being 30 years old it has some personality. The first thing I should mention is the driver's door has a dent and some tire marks on it. It also has a little rust on that door. There is some paint chipping on the doors where they meet the frame. The truck bed was coated and is slowly starting to peel see pics. There is an upgraded Stereo/ CD that just recently stopped working due to a wiring issue. Heater and A/C do not work. The truck is going to need a new gauge cluster as the speedometer works on and off and the gas gauge seems to be stuck on full. Drivers window can't be rolled down all the way as it gets stuck if you roll it too far down. Carpet has been cut where I installed the four-wheel drive, and the driver's bucket seat has some tearing on it. All pretty minor things truck is after all 30 years old. I did the conversion from the original engine to the 1999 V6, and the wiring is not standard. If purchased you will have to pick up the truck locally in Columbia, South Carolina and pay with Cash or cashier's check. The truck is good for the highway and public road use, but I mostly used it for off-road and Jeep shows. I seriously love this truck! Jeep pick-ups are so rare to see on the roads these days. I do have a blog about this truck that has tons of pictures and documents my time spent with it. I also have most the receipts for almost all the work done on this truck. Also, have a clean title. Please see the blog below before asking questions. I have had the truck for about five years. https://comancheclub.com/topic/42460-the-blue-and-black-manche/ VIN: 1JTHS64PXJT204679 I reserve the right to take down this auction any time for any reason and the truck is also listed locally. Additional questions can be sent to my email. eggenclark@yahoo.com
  3. Jill doing some work this morning on the slippery roads
  4. Will do! Hopfully they got it right now. Fingers crossed! Ever considered going with 3” coils? I don't have any experience with lift or tires. So no. Honestly, not sure when the wheels and lift will come. Still looking into some options.
  5. Really struggled with getting the gears in the Jeep (I had someone else do it). But they are finally in. Ended up going with 4.56 gears for the front and rear. I put a Eaton Truetrac up front and for the rear, I went with the Eaton E-locker (red switch is the locker). I also after like 3 years got the Dana 44 all cleaned up re-geared and put in. I bought it off some member off this site in MN years ago and it was good to finally see it go in. So far I am pretty happy with the truck. Though I am going to need a new steering column soon. : / The tires I bought are too big and so I am deciding to sell them. 4 tires and 5 rims 35''. I want to go with 33'' instead. Once I have the tires and rims in I think I will be close to finished with this build.
  6. Good to see all my photo's are back up... Dumb image site took them down. CC got a makeover too it looks like. Wow well done. To answer the questions above. I got the headline from a guy called: Steve Bennett SMS Headliners, LLC The product he gave me was really well done. I found him in the vendor section of the Comanche club forums.
  7. After two years of having this Dana 44 it is finally getting all cleaned up to go in! Also, my new headliner came in. My truck has never had one so should make for a great upgrade!
  8. Okay after a lot of research and one very good deal I was able to secure some tires! What I got: A set of 4 (Dick Cepek Extreme Country, 35x12.50x15) on 15x8 level 8 tracker wheels. Got 5 rims out of the deal so not too shabby if I wanted to get a full-size spare. 5th rim has never been used and was still in the box! Tires seem pretty good shape for being used. They also have a TPMS sensor in them not that my Jeep could use it. Got the whole packet for 1000 bucks. I think I scored. Now these are a 5x5 bolt pattern and the jeep I think is a 5x4.5 bolt pattern so I will need to get some wheel spacers. I am debating between the washer-type wheel spacers which are cheaper or bolt-on wheel spacers (1.25") which would probably be better? I don't want the wheels to stick out too far from the jeep and look like a skateboard. Also, need to find a good lift that will work for these tires. If you guys have any recommendations I'll take them. I was thinking about going with General Springs military wrap 3/2 with some drop shackles for the rear and some Metal cloak true dual rate coils (4.5) in the front. Not sure how it would look but then try to balance the front and rear from there. Also looking for a good High over the top knuckle kits Iron road seemed best.
  9. Thanks for the help! Pushing the wheel out would add backspacing correct?
  10. Also have a TPMS sensors not sure what the means.
  11. Need some advice on tires and wheels. I don't know much. Found a deal of: 35'' tires they are (Dick Cepek Extreme Country 35x12.50x15) on 15x8 level 8 tracker wheels. Bolt pattern is 5x5 will those fit the MJ's bolt pattern? Anyone ever have these kinds of tires? Price was 1200 for 5 tires and 5 rims. For 35's I was going to jump on it if they fit. Thanks for the help.
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