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  1. Good freakin game so far!!!
  2. Been doing okay though thanks for asking, I need to be a bit more active on here with my MJ buds.
  3. Look Don, you know I'm always gonna be that 6 yr old at the zoo that grabs a stick and pokes the bear so get used to it by now! Haha!
  4. Clemson has it in the bag already, Bama might as well stay home, lucky they didn't play Baylor.
  5. Does anyone know the codes for 8.25" axle tags. I'm referring to the tags with a four digit number. For example, I pulled some Trac Loks from Daks and XJs with the tags "4.10" or "3.55" (duh) and tags "1468" and "1119". Daks are usually 3.55 or 3.90 geared, that's easy to figure out but I've always wondered what the other tags signifies? Antilock brakes perhaps?
  6. Awe man, that shell is awesome! I've been wanting one for a long time!
  7. I think you're right, excessive wheel spin can be catastrophic. I have an open diff D60 that sheared the roll pin and the cross pin broke into three pieces. I figured it was due to burn outs.
  8. Been trying to redo mine for several months now...I'm slow... :) Not as pretty as ya'lls but it'll get there. I have a regular two car garage, full of jeep junk and various engines, heads, you name it misc junk, there's even a willys under there somewhere. :doh: I have a couple of Buick V6 engines I'm building to either sell or keep, and I've given away a lot of jeep junk, and will probably give away more,,,it actually used to be much worse. Consider these the "Before" pictures. But hey, the fridge works and there's beer inside of it. haha! The back yard is a Jeep junk yard also, theres an MJ,an XJ, about 12 axles, and 20 or so tires and wheels. Just took down these old flimsy shelves today. Picked up a HF 3 in 1 brake, roller, shear. It'll work for the little stuff I do. Just need a place to put it now.
  9. Hmm, tow mirrors, could be a 44 under there. :idea: They film the show just right up the road from here too...
  10. On the other hand, the Cubs may not have won a world series in over 100 years but their stadium is one of the last real traditional landmark stadiums. What a great place Wrigley Field is. Its a true American treasure....I'm gonna go there one day.
  11. The Rangers will give you no quarter next year!
  12. Cool! More proof an XJ is the best bang for the buck 4x4!
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