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  1. Hey guys. Ive got a brand new ax15 in my 87 chief, everything but the clutch pedal is a new part and it was working fine when I parked it a long while ago. I can push the pedal in fine, and can see the pushrod clearly moving on the slave cyl when I had a helper hit the pedal for me. My best guess is the plates are just seized but ive tried a good bit of methods for fixing that with no result (bumping key in gear clutch to floor and foot on brakes) Now, when I pulled the slave off I noticed 2 things, the plastic guide strap or whatever its called on the end of the pushrod is broken on one side(looked it up, didn't realize this was supposed to bust off anyway), and the fork seems loose? I'm not sure how much movement the fork should have but I can wobble it up and down and push it in without much resistance. I'm not really sure where to go from here but I'm figuring ill drop the trans tomorrow and see whats what in the bellhousing. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. tonight I'm probably going to go for a sketchy jack stand setup and try to stand on the brakes in gear with the clutch pedal down in 4wd.
  2. I think I hit 105 on the highway in my chief once. rode smoother than 65 i think. A couple weeks later i found out my track bar was completely trashed.
  3. Swapped my summers out last night. and made a mom-angering tire storage pile in my room Got a few issues that popped up recently, need to add some new exhaust hangers and also need to figure out why my dome fuse is blowing, which is also causing my sunpro tach to stop getting power from the 12v port on my fuse block.
  4. Figured I'd just give an update on this, wound up actually being extremely easy to bypass the AC. With the compressor out i found the mounting points on the alt and the AC bracket were square with eachother so i was able to just bridge them with some metal. could be a bit more scoocum but she's been working fine. A piece of angle iron (i cut the angle out for some armchair engineering reason), a bolt out of the magical bolt bucket, 2 nuts out of the nut bucket (one for the bolt and the other for to sleeve the bolt), and a different size belt.
  5. Got new tires a little while ago. Next is figuring out if i can easily upgrade the front brakes (have the rotor style with the wheel bearings in them) Also this happened on a trip to PA.
  6. It's a comically large 'LOW FUEL' light, complete with a little symbol of a gas pump.
  7. In the meantime I worked part tune at a UPS warehouse and 2 different U-haul centers. (2013-2015) This past week I started a new job working for a local fencing company though, Full time!
  8. Finally installed the tach that I bought probably 5 months ago. 3,000 rpm @ 65mph gotta love 4.56s (I havent even confirmed if they're 4.11s or 4.56s yet)
  9. I found that the seatbelt buckles in MJs have a big enough opening to pop the top on a bottle. Not that I condone or partake in having road sodas.
  10. Got some goodies at the junkyard over the weekend, Chrome mirrors, Vent windows, laredo door panels, another foglight switch, 2 turbine center caps, chrome headlight/marker bezels, and a chrome grill. I had those wonky door mount base model mirrors, thankfully whoever painted the truck black didnt take the mirrors off so I have these unsightly silver rectangles now. I may throw the chrome bumper I have on it too.
  11. Yeah thats my picture. Thanks. Can you use the non-AC rad hose when the alt is up there? It had that hose on it when I bought it.
  12. My AC compressor on my 88 2.5 MJ sounds like its on its way out and I want to just remove it (already took every other AC components out) My issue is that I have that belt routing with the Alternator over top of the AC compressor, has anyone ever deleted the AC with this routing, and did you have to move the alternator down to where the AC was? I don't want to accidentally turn this into a week long project by removing it and then finding I can't route the belt like that or something.
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    Update: no longer listed in their inventory.
  14. Fires an ICBM from an unknown location.
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