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June 2022-The Silver Star

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June 2022-The Silver Star (2.0) Owned by @acfortier, with some build credit to @kryptronic!


Build Thread-

Previous thread:

Year/Model - 1991 Jeep Comanche Pioneer



Drivetrain- 4.0L HO, AX-15, 4x4, D30/D35 3.07 gears. Planning on swapping in a D44 with 3.55 gears (already purchased) and re-gearing front to match.


Cooling- Stock


Electrical/Ignition- Stock, relocated ignition coil to firewall


Suspension/Steering- Stock for now. Planning on replacing rear leafs with MT ones from General Spring, new shocks all around


Interior- Full black interior, not fully installed. Need a carpet or vinyl floor, and a few more trim pieces installed.



Brakes- Rear LSV deleted, replaced with YJ unit by kryptronic. Have a double booster from a XJ ready to install.


Lighting- Stock halogens, installed some aftermarket YJ fog lights on the front bumper, wired them up. Rewired headlight harness with kit from eBay.


Exterior- Still the original paint! Plans are to repaint with same color, eventually.



Wheel & Tires- Turbines, refinished and powdercoated silver. Tires are 235/75R15 General Grabber ATX.


Misc- Exhaust was completely refreshed by kryptronic


Best MJ story- Had an 88 in high school, was one of my first vehicles. Always turned heads, was a great little truck. I stupidly sold it after doing a ton of work to it (young kid, dumb decision) and regretted it ever since. Still get lots of people asking about it, where I got it, plans for it. I'm sure I have a better story from my HS days, but I can't remember!


CC is Awesome! Why? 

Great group of guys. I've been on plenty of forums where folks love to point the finger, be defensive, etc.--nothing like that here. Folks can ask a question and not be ridiculed


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