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Your NOS finds.


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Well I made a video of a small unboxing of NOS parts I got in today. Wellll.... I got it under the 39MB limit and CC isnt showing picture, just sound so ill have to take it to youtube for yall to see. In the mean time here is a teaser and if yall want me to do future NOS unboxing videos, let me know. 





It killed me to wait allll day to not open the box but it was worth it indeed!

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1 minute ago, Pete M said:

but if you're going to do more vids, maybe invest in a stand of some kind for your phone.  :L:


Dually noted Pete! As I said in the vid I don't normally do these types of things but with the interest there is I will probably get something like that to just have.

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Alrighty, I just got home a little bit ago, I have no one to help me film, I will do my best to make something work. Still have not gotten a GoPro per SoCals recommendation, I will soon though, so we will all have to bear with me and the iPod again. 


Should I prop the iPod up on the side and watch me unbox this stuff or should I do the same as last time?

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Ok, I am uploading the videos as we speak, I will try to splice them together(new to film really). I apologize for some of these parts, I forgot I ordered quite a few harnesses that were mostly XJ related. So I am sorry for not completely showing everything to the camera but I did show the good stuff off. 


Fun fact, I had the iPod leaning up against a 2.5L ECU.

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