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1975 Brutally Simple Daily Driver

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That’s 16’ material sticking out from every direction! Needed to make a run for material today so what else would I do? Got a few looks on the way home. :))




Kinda reminds me of those pictures you see of construction site accidents that you think “Did that guy live?!”.

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Washed it for the first time since I’ve owned it today! This paint has been shot since before I’ve owned it. Considering a Comet wash next to further get the oxidation off the top layer. 





... it’s supposed to be red. 

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Originally it was a cool gray color from the factory which is still evident on some of the firewall and foot wells. It would’ve been painted red a long time ago. The dash looks pretty good. So do the door surrounds where there would’ve had soft doors at one time. 

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My wife says I’ve been beating myself up working seven days a week between work and building my shop so...





Nope... I didn’t paint it. The little CJ got a Comet wash today. Ever heard of it?... it’s easy if you’ve got the time. I started with the tailgate because it’s easy to pull off and I didn’t know how much i wanted to commit to this. 





... so I figured “why not?”.





Then I ran out of Comet. This turned to another run to the grocery store (they had it on sale for $.89 a can!) so it meant another run over there. There’s a parts store that shares a parking lot so then the decision was made to up the quality a bit. “How cheap can I have a presentable Jeep?”... about $20 and six hours. 




Yup... NuFinish... that crap from those old commercials. It was poured on liberally to get some moisture back into the single stage paint. Sure made a bunch more badly done bodywork just jump out! Not to mention the rust!!








Overall I’m super happy with the results! Was it the “right” way to clean it up?... nope. Was it easy?... yup. I’d never do this with a vehicle with decent paint but this was way beyond torched. I’d do it again in a heartbeat with another car with major sunburn like this. 






... now about that top. :shaking:

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9 minutes ago, 500 MJ said:

Looks great!


Let’s see how long the Nufinish holds up now..


Thanks, Brent! I’m interested in this as well. Stay tuned. It is the “once a year car polish” after all. 

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Hi Ben, just read this whole thread, thanks for sharing! Good luck with the shop and looks like that is the perfect vehicle for where you are. Now that it is red again you can rename it reddy, or maybe, Ready, Ready for anything.  



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