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  1. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/eastlake-custom-jeep-comanche-truck-mj/6916343723.html Looks nice wonder if this guy is a member
  2. Okay sports fans, Not sure who's reading. Transmission issue has been solved, It is a simple issue of the whole system being larger now. The Comanche has two, (count em two) trans-coolers and extra line for the whole shebang. This means full on the dipstick is only about half full. Added two quarts no squeal anymore.
  3. Hey so this lovely example of engineering has to go. I'm enlisting, shipping in mid July. Like all jeep people lotta parts come with this one. If your nice and fast and offer cash I can do less here's the craigslist add: https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-1986-jeep-comanche-318-swap/6900075285.html here's the form where neohic built it:
  4. No it did not... Whats worse is when you jab the throttle it causes the cap to hit the fiberglass growth and makes a horrible rattle. ON the plus side you can fit a bunch of drywall in there and keep it mostly dry in the winter...
  5. I do have some interior pictures none with the original bench seat. I ditched it and threw 600W of stereo in it. I ditched the bench because even being somewhat lean and 18 at the time my friends nor I could get back there without an effort. Once you were back there it was like 90's Subaru cramped not bad not good either. So the original bench sat right where my Husky is You can see I left the little arm rest pads on the outrigger for the rollbar. I'll have to check to see abut the pirate 4x4 guys. There is one of these up on craigslist right now in the Denver metro. It's not moving. Mine was up for a bit, I priced it way too high, (something I'm prone to doing).
  6. Ok so I bought this truck because I needed alot of locking space for my tools when I was working as a carpenter. Now its the daily driver I despise. I figured one person in a thousand might see this truck and want the whole story. I have parts of it, no proof it's true it is all anecdotal evidence from the annals of the internet. It all started with the Hilux we all know and love. Now in the mid 80s the rest of the world had real deal crew cab Hilux trucks, the US did not. The two stories I heard were as follows: 1: Due to the luxury car tax of the time importing a four door crew cab would have made a cheap rugged pickup oddly expensive. 2: Toyota sales execs were not sure there was a market for crew cab trucks in the US. Now in 2019 we laugh because new trucks are all 4 door SUVS with half a bed slapped on. Either way Toyota wanted a pilot program. So they did 200 of these weirdos a year for three years. How'd they do it? They stretched the frame 30 inches with some box channel. Then they sent em to a fiberglass coach-works company out of Santa Monica where a deck was laid down and a half-@$$'d roll-bar bolted in. What did this do to the great Toyota drive train? Wrecked it. The single short driveshaft with nice slip spline action got replaced by a two piece with a carrier bearing. I'm not kidding the driveshaft is like 4 feet long. What did it do to its barley acceptable acceleration? Wrecked it. "My turd rainbow" has the miserable head gasket detonating 3.0 3VZE. it does not respond well to extra weight. What did it do to the rugged rigid frame? - ehh I'm too depressed to keep going. Why is it called a "turd rainbow"? because most of them were tan with a nasty brown lighting bolt or rainbow stripe. At least mine came in cool colors. Thanks all for hearing me rant about it. -There is a reason I own a Comanche now...
  7. Last is just the stuff I threw in the bed, or don't have pictures of Subtitle: a veritable garage sale of stuff. In the bed(room): Second bed box with all kind of spares: nuts, bolts, fuel pump, serpentine belt, recovery straps, Fluids, Extra gas, tools and the obligatory hi-lift. The T case: It's got a Novak lever now. In the Engine bay: New horns (the originals got packed with mud), New coil, Rotor, Cap, Plugs, Wires, Radiator caps, All the BS emissions equipment... The exhaust: So this one is not interesting at all. I put a 50 state cat in so I can have it in Denver. Due to hook and craigslist crook I have some Nissan GTR-R35 Exhaust. So I chopped up some super duty expensive 2.75" pipes to do the cat back dump, I've never felt happier.
  8. The gauges! So the top one is fuel pressure, why do you need that? Well, the current in tank fuel pickup is a bit lack luster. When the truck gets below a third tank of gas, high angle maneuvers will cause the fuel level to dip below the pickup and the truck will shudder or even die. After this happened a couple times, (one such time I had to leave the truck over night and come back with a new fuel pump) I added the pressure gauge as a sort of poor mans inclinometer. When I start to see large pressure fluctuations that means I'm too low on gas so I find a pull out () on the trail and add fuel until I'm back in the range of 37-45 psi. I think that when the pump cavitates or has to push out air bubbles out it gets hot and bricks itself. I don't know for sure but I do know that replacing a fuel pump is not fun. (I checked there is no emojie for syphoning gas) The bottom is Trans oil temprature: I added that because I was worried that running up the converter while the front tires are against a ledge could generate enough heat to break down the ATF, I wanted to know for sure if that was the case. Sad to say it is, If you go HAM even with the second fan on you can get trans oil temps of 200 degrees. The real story is me playing musical fittings because I was too stupid to go to a plumbing supply house for a god damn NPT barb tee... A friend who plays with NOS on civics hooked me up with some shiny aluminum bits. but the sender for my bargin trans temp gauge was too long and would not thread in. So I bought two adaptors one male on female and spaced it out. My barb tee went from free to $20 of aluminum.
  9. Now for a style choice I made that y'all may not agree with. I was never that big on this marooooon interior. In fact a girl I knew described the interior of my truck as "rapist red" considering she was one of the few ladies I knew who would even step in J.O.E and my strong desire not to scare off anymore potential mates... I dyed the interior Toyota grey... Side bar: These energy drinks; Xyience are delicious, they don't sell them anymore in Denver. If any of you know where to get them close by PM me. I have a friend who works making mascots and puppets for corporate events or sports teams make me a new headliner. The fabric is out of a late model Camry, yes I know its not sexy, cool or in anyway proper but it was grey. The dash had begun to crack, So I took some thin gauge sheet metal, beat it into shape, sprayed it hot rod red and screwed it in.
  10. I did a brake job around the same time, Resurfaced rotors and some sticky EBC pads, nuttin fancy just wanted a little better stopping. While I was under there I discovered something, a broken control arm mount. I really over thought the repair, I considered trussing the whole thing, swapping with a dana 44, I thought about welding the old arm back in place, I ended up buying the part online and having a pro weld it while it was sitting on an alignment machine. Maybe I was wrong but I was worried that If I did it myself I could somehow wreck the alignment or bind the suspension.
  11. I did some upgrades / maintenance. Sad to say that very soon after buying the truck I became a city slicker with no garage and less free time. It started with fixing some rust spots on the floor. (I don't have pictures of the final welds, they are secure consistent beads but far from what I would consider good looking or even welds to be proud of) Since the dash the roll-bar and the seats were out, and the noise level on the highway made me cringe I sprung for a giant thing of dynamt/dynaliner/dynapad. Now you can barely here people when they scream "cool truck!"
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