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1975 Brutally Simple Daily Driver

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Why do I keep breaking my rule? :doh:




This week is cold but I’ve got a small window between snowfall and more snowfall starting late on Friday. I was still waiting on engine seals (which showed up later this afternoon) so I decided to put a pile of material to use. A while back I started cutting parts for tying my cage into the frame along with rock sliders.


Let’s talk about tube work and tight notches. I don’t have a proper tube notcher but I cheat by using an angle finder and a long drill bit. There are so many simple angles on these CJs that it takes a lot of the proper measuring out of things. Is it 90°?… Is it 45°?… probably. I started with connecting the dots between the underside of the main hoop and an additional support I added. 



There’s a 45° notch at the bottom and a 90° at the top. I did both sides at the same time.







… then the top…





… and then finish the notch with a grinder. 



Easy, right? Yes. I’ve got a magnetic bolt holder thingy that I used for holding the tube while I tacked them. 





I noticed a major spot of rust at the seams under the seats that I kinda sorta “fixed” before moving forward. P.S. it’s still rusty, but it made me feel better to stick the rusty top back to the rusty bottom. 




Base plates were added to the frame…




… and then I plowed through the sliders and frame tie-ins because I wanted to get both sides at least tacked together today.






The other side went faster since I cut all my parts at the same time. 




Overall, I’m happy with the look of them. I’m more of a fan of the heavy angle iron style sliders that so many CJs have but I’m not sure how much I trust bondo over rust to absorb an impact.





Finish welding and paint tomorrow. 

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Got everything pulled off, welded, and painted. Really nice when it all goes back where it belongs without any fuss. 





While I was crawling around under it I looked over at the rear driveshaft and…



… noticed a completely wasted u-joint. 




This has obviously been bad for a while. Who’s to know with all the squeaks and bangs and rattles that go hand in hand with driving a CJ?! Anyhow, guess it’s time for u-joints. I swapped them out and also gave everything a wiggle while I was in there. The rear output bearing in the transfer case is wasted along with the rear pinion bearing. I just put them on the list for now. I’ll dig into it deeper when I pull the engine. 




Fun little project but I’m a bigger fan when there’s a bigger physical outcome. On to the engine next. 

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Some engines just don’t look good. 



This morning I started on resealing the engine. No idea how long this engine has been sitting so I pulled apart the rotating assembly and gave everything a little assembly lube for its first start up. There’s new hardware for the valve cover that needs to go on, but everything that isn’t in it now will get swapped over from the old engine when it comes out. 

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I sanded the raised ribs on the valve cover and threw new hardware at everything I could. 



My plan was to get started on swapping engines when I has decent weather for a full week came around so the Comanche could sit outside. Starting a new job tomorrow after giving up the last one six months ago. G-dang new job is already getting in the way of my shop time. :fistshake2:

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10 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

It does not seem like you left 6 months ago, but you probably knew that already. 

It actually feels like longer to me. In retrospect, I’ve had the opportunity to get so many things accomplished for myself. When comparing back to how long projects typically take when I'm only moving forward in my spare time, the past six months have been leaps and bounds on so many things. 

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On 1/24/2023 at 5:00 PM, neohic said:

… stepping away completely from the manufacturing/fabrication world that I’m used to. 


19 hours ago, fiatslug87 said:

Congrats (?) on the new job!

Harrumph. I’m walking away from things because it makes too much sense to. It feels disappointing in my head. Almost like the end of an era. 

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