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1975 Brutally Simple Daily Driver

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It’s been snowing here lately but today was a bit warmer than it has been. While I typically prefer not to drive down to the shop when there’s snow on the ground, it’s also a very windy day and I had eight sheets of OSB to get down the hill.





Technically snow wheeling? Got the CJ sideways at the turn to come back up the second time. I’m sure any neighbors that were potentially watching were thoroughly impressed. 

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The other day I was driving to the hill to my place and then “CLUNK!!!”... my food goes right to the floor. :fistshake2: It was still running as well as it does so I figured it was just the throttle cable. Low range/first gear made for a slow idling rest of the way home. Took a closer look and rattled the dice on a 1990 Wrangler cable. Only had to wait a couple days on the local parts store but the fit was perfect! :banana:

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12 minutes ago, Pete M said:

um, I'm familiar with the phrase "some things never change" but... :laugh:


score none the less! :banana:

I’m pretty sure the engine is out of an ‘89 or ‘90 YJ as it’s got the later valve cover and even a few Chrysler stamps. The old cable was a bit of a cobble. This one is about two inches longer but there’s no cable clamps! :laugh:

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Yard work yesterday. 



Pulling out concrete next to the house to get going on a new patio. Previous owners were going to put the door where the window is but there wasn’t enough room for a header. Little CJ did great!


As for today, I was helping a friend go through his late father in law’s stash of AMC parts. He’s got a 258 that I’m interested in. It must have a PILE of miles on it though. Pulled bearing caps and took the head off. Not terrible?... but not great. 

Rear cap:





 Front cap:





#1 rod:








Not a lot of cross hatching evident but the bearing surfaces looked pretty good. Can’t catch anything with a fingernail, anyhow. I’ll put a micrometer on the crank to see if it’s a factory grind. I’d consider a dingle ball hone and a set of bearings rolled in. Maybe a new heart?

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Things happened today. 






YES!!! I finally took the top off after “test fitting” over the roll cage. I’ve been wanting to paint the very top of the top for a while now and this seemed to be the easiest solution for doing so. Maybe next weekend? Otherwise I had some running around to do along with the annual oil change. Moved up to 15/50. 






Good day, indeed. 

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11 hours ago, jdog said:

I figured the top would have been off oh 6 months ago

Right?! Now I’m considering a soft so I’ve got fewer excuses to take the top off in the future but I think it’d loose some of its charm without the crew cut on top. 

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So I’m laying in bed last night and woke up to a light pattering of rain on the roof. “Meh… it’s not that bad.” and I fell back asleep. Not even fifteen minutes later and it’s now a healthy downpour! Meanwhile at midnight…



… the only tarp I find could probably wrap the whole CJ about four times! Somehow managed to get it wrapped decent with the wind ripping too. So?…




… time to let it air out. Driving into work this morning was definitely my happy place. 

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There’s rain coming this week off and on. While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying going top less around town, I’m also tired of throwing a tarp over it. There’s been an issue in the wintertime that I’m trying to address now… the top panel. The sun hits it, warms up, and then the air condensates and rains down while you’re in it. I’ve wanted to do this from the start also anyhow. 




I painted the windshield frame black too. Jeep stopped doing this in 1974 (I think) and switched to body color starting in 1975. 



This solidified my plans for making roll up safari sides for the top for next summer. Kind of a best of both worlds type of deal for a top, I think. 



Then it all went back together with new hardware.  






It definitely wears itself older than it is. 

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I parked next to a big tree today!



While I could’ve spent a beautiful day working on something I decided to instead go toodling around in the CJ. Not quite time to take the top off again as there’s snow in the forecast, but I’m definitely getting itchy to do so. 

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