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1975 Brutally Simple Daily Driver

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man, just looking at an old Jeep makes me want to jump in and drive!.  even covered in snow. :D   especially covered in snow!  :comanche:  or maybe it's all because I haven't driven around in the snow in quite a while. :(  stupid georgia weather.  :fistshake2: oh look... it's raining... again...


the mountains must look just awesome! 

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What say the internet? KCs or no?




Truth be told the lights are some good but cheaper housings I had in my stash that match the Jeep’s patina. Friend of mine a while back gave me these covers and they just happened to click on perfectly. Thoughts?

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Got a gift today. My coworkers know me so well! It’s a late printing from 1983 but the original publishing was from 1963. 




Already read through some of it and a bunch of the directions check out by GPS. Cool!

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Put the little CJ to work again today! See, I’m getting dangerously close to breaking ground on my new shop and I’ve got this problem where I buy shop things without having a shop to put them in. Done this a bunch of times in the past! This time around it’s something I’ve wanted pretty much forever... a two post car lift. I found one super cheap!!! It’s a 1996 7000# Bend-Pak that’ll lift 8’. It’s a little short and a little light in the lifting department. That’s great! My shop is plans are a little on the small side and I’m going to have a 12’ ceiling and scissor trusses. I think the lift height will be perfect and I won’t be able to comfortably be able to fit a full size truck in the shop anyhow. 









Pretty much the same protocol from when I moved my little shed to where it’s sitting. Tug it off the trailer... tug it sideways across the yard... it’ll stay under the tarp for now. The Jeep did great again! Maybe someday I’ll even use the winch for extraction some day. 

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Yard prep today for the shop. Had a couple of fence posts in the way of getting equipment down and a dead tree needed to go. Decided to pull the dozen or so posts just because it was going so well. Had a nice time with the CJ today. Even got the wife working the winch!







Nice clean canvas to work with. 




Future home of the shop...




Soon... soon...

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It looks pretty good in pictures but the reality is that the ENTIRE tub is riddled with terrible body work. Just this morning I was investigating a bubble I’d never noticed before. I looked up in a fender well and it looked like a million bondo noodles squirting out from all the holes that previous owners would’ve drilled.


At some point a tub swap should really be in its future. I like the idea of finding a decent donor with original paint and just do a whole body and front clip swap... along with the drivetrain... and go through the axles... and... and...

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do they still make those aluminum tubs?  but you nailed it, where does it stop?  personally I'd leave it alone save for safety and some drive-ability issues because the rabbit hole is so very, very deep...  :(  I'm not sure where I could stop. 

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I think I want to tackle things in stages. Right now my head is wrapped around my shop construction but the first real project in it needs to be this Jeep. Step one will probably be the drivetrain and axles. I really REALLY want to make this thing a good driver and that means overdrive. Can’t really trust it without adding some caster to the front axle so it stays in its own lane at speed. Can’t do that without cutting the inner C’s and turning them. Here’s the current list in my head:


1.) 4.0/AX15/Dana 300 (or NP231 but this would require swapping the front diff to the driver side)

2.) Slight stretch in wheelbase at least in the front to allow for the drivetrain to move forward for rear driveshaft length

3.) Cut/turn front axle and throw bearings/seals at both axles

4.) Suspension once over

5.) Body work or tub swap


...and so on...

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