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33S Or 35S? Your Input Appreciated.

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 Well its been a few years and some crazy life setbacks etc etc.

 I'm finally close to lifting my truck.  91 LWB manual trans.


I have just about everything and going up 6.5"s


 4.11 gears. D44 rear and 30 front for now. 


Now what i can't decide on is, 33s or 35s?


I daily drive the truck and travel quite a bit in it. To go camping and visit family etc.


My brain says run 33s and smile.


My eyes say... NEED 35s!   


So id like to hear all of your thoughts. Call it a vote or whatever youd like. from those who have done both and can honestly say from experience what works best and or what is a pain in the @$$.


Thanks manch family.   Dave




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I was in this same spot a few months back but my truck ended up with a little more lift then your planning and I was Happy I had decided to go with 35's...


The way I see it you can always drop down to 33's if you don't like it on 35's or find the fuel economy to be too much plus I find it easier to resell 35's then 33's...

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Pete it ends up being more like 2 inches of tire. Almost all 33s are 32.8 when brand new. Then they wear and you have 32s.

 35s are all 34.8 new. Same thing happens.

 Tires kinda shrink and fatten up a bit once run a while.

 Looking at pics i love the way 35s look. And i have an LWB truck.

 Which makes 33s look small.

 Spending this much cash on lift, i want it to look clean as well as perform.


So I'm leaning toward 35s and then if i dislike it, i can grab 33s. 

 I will soon go D44 front and sliders and winches etc. Plan to do fordyce once i have some seat time with it all finished.

 33s and LWB = massive belly dragging.


My original idea was get 33s for now and go 35s when i head out to wheel.

But my brain is locking up on that cause i simply love the way 35s look.


So the point of this thread was to look for landslide vote.

 If everyone says...33s!  then thats what id prob do.


If everyone says 35s!!!!  then of course that takes top spot. 


I havent ordered tires yet, so its in the air still as to what i will do.  Thanks guys for all the input so far. Its helping. 

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Are you going to stick with the 4.11 gears you have now or are you planning to regear as well? If you're sticking with the 4.11's then i'd stick with 33's just to help mileage when on the road, if you're not worried about mileage such as it's part store runner or the like then definately go with 35's. If you do go with 35's though I'd recommend getting a cheap set of 17's like soft 8's or d windows as it would allow for bigger brakes to be installed in the future.

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Pete it ends up being more like 2 inches of tire.

Yes it is 2" of tire but you only gain 1" of ground clearance. For a DD I would go 33's, especially with only 4.10 gears.



:yeah that:   to me the extra inch wasn't worth the hassles. 

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see!  this^^^^  lol.  But my reason for 6.5" was since i load it pretty heavy. And plan on sliders and bumpers and winches.

 It won't be a 6.5 once all the weight is on board. Ill be 35s or 37s once i do a real front axle. But for now, pavement princess status... 35s would look nice to wear down while I'm stashing the next round of mods. 

 BUT 33s would drive nicer methinx.


Another thing i know many are missing is.. i have HO/manual trans. I think many people speak of deeper gearing from an auto trans or renix standpoint. I have ridden in an auto/renix rig with big tire and it was a slug.

 He rode in my truck and went.. WTF.  lol.  


The gear calculator shows i should be fine with 33s or 35s. Ill be at 2500ish rpm even headed toward 3k between 70 and 80.

 if the truck isnt responding i can just put it in 4th. The 4.11s won't be even close to how tall 3.07s are. 


Keep the thoughts comin. This is the only thing ive ever been indecisive on. I can't stand people who can't decide. lol.


So this is killing me.  hahahaa

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I've seen a couple pictures of MJ's with about 6" lift with 33's and IMHO Think they look fine even at that height.  I agree with the opinions made already.  4.10's with the AX-15 gearing and 33" tires will put you right at about 2000rpm in 5th gear at 60mph. at at 70mph you will be sitting at 2300.  IMHO, that's perfect.   Going up to 35's drops those same RPM values down roughly 100rpm at the same speeds in 5th, but that's enough to make it be a bit of a pig at 60mph.

Going off of just the numbers, 33's for both on and off-road use would be the smart choice.  You can always make the switch later if you somehow find yourself needing a whole extra inch of ground clearance, but I would personally pick the tires that make the most practical sense across the entire spectrum.  33's offer a lot more for your current setup over 35's  Unless you do have plans to re-gear it, or can live with it being a bit of a dog on the highway below 65mph, then by all means get 35's.  It's your money and truck after all, do what you want with it.

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