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  1. The XJ tank goes from side to side under the hatch, pre 97 tanks had a pump that mounts in like the mj pump but is an exact mirror physically and resistance for float arm is backwards and had a fuel return lines. Post 97 tanks had fuel pumps that mount in from the top but still go from side to side under the hatch but eliminated the fuel return line. I've seen some people in the past swap in dakota tanks when they did the 97+ swap and reported good success with the fuel sender and mounting, so I'd recommend searching dakota tank on here to get ideas from that.
  2. If you haven't started then i'd recommend start spraying every bolt under there with PB a couple of times a day until you get ready to do it to help loosen up everything. Then I'd also recommend having some anti-sieze on hand for when putting it back together to help avoid the problem in the future.
  3. Matching the color is easy, just get everything and do a full 97+ swap. And yes some did come with a tan color but it's different enough that it could be noticeable and a problem for some.
  4. The inside of the doors are different I have the 93 quad cab and a 97 xj. Holes for clips and arm rests are in different positions between the two. And 98+ may have different hinges but the hinges can be unbolted from the door and the older hinges bolted back in place.
  5. Interior panels are different just like the windows and striker/latch. It takes a little modifying to get a 97+ door to work on a 96- jeep so don't think it's just a bolt in mod.
  6. It sounds like something with the drums, have you jacked it up and taken them off to inspect everything?
  7. I just got through calling ATT and cussing them out for shutting off my internet 10 days before the bill was due. They've tried crap like this in the past which is why I dropped them and now they're currently the only ones I can get internet through. Although as I type this I'm on the phone with comcast to light a fire under their butt to get the construction company to extend the line up to my house to get rid of ATT and Directv.
  8. On a side note are those 2x4's between the shell and bedrails?
  9. It's just a typical connector with a clip on it, should just squeeze on the clip to release it while pulling on it. Might have to rock it back and fourth to get it started if it hasn't been done in a long time.
  10. Are you talking about the red lens is seperating from the back housing? If it's a small spot take a soldering iron and you can run it on the plastic which will melt it slightly and allow you to press them back together. This works better if there's some kind of filler material available like you would use if tig welding to melt onto the soldering iron to fill in the gaps and prevent big holes from opening up.
  11. Was the fuel sending unit still in the tank? If so I'd like to talk about you getting it for me and possibly shipping it to me.
  12. No judging by the cable length the P.O. used the renix cable. It comes up directly behind the head, over the valve cover and straight to the bracket it clips into at an almost 90* angle. Was just kind of hoping they didn't route it properly when changing the trans but looks like something I'll have to hunt for at the JY. I've never looked at it before but can it be removed from the transmission with ease or is it pretty involved to remove it?
  13. By the way it's built I'd say it's a home made job, doesn't look like it'd be much stronger than the bumper but is tied into the bumper and sides to keep from bending up like the bumper would.
  14. What about turkey bay/LBL, it's in KY so would be close for midwest guys to come in as well as WV people, then people north and south could meet up. There's several campgrounds around the area as well as many trails for everything from stock to heavily modified.
  15. I'm in, ftpierce just zoom in on the map to your place ( can even do satellite to put the marker on your house). Then click on additions and choose add marker simple, then I put in my username and towards the bottom there's an option for pictures so I uploaded one of the pictures on there.
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