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Comanche Of The Month - April 2013

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This month we have a member who built a super clean, functional rig, with all the right touches. Enjoy :cheers:


Posted Image

1988 Pioneer Short Wheel Base

Stock 4.0

AX-15, NP242J, Non-cad Dana 30, MJ Dana 44




Front: 2 inch puck on V-8 ZJ variable rate springs, Rear: Hell Creek Metric Ton 3+2 leaf packs, planning to replace the stock control arms with WJ control arms

Stock Bucket seats, XJ center Console,

Mostly stock and 97+ XJ or WJ Brake booster (I don't remember what i used)


"turbine" style rims with 31x10.5R15 General Grabber AT2

Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard, XRC8 winch, A/C that does not work.

Best MJ story
This took place before I really got into the Jeep thing and the Jeep was 100% stock, and may have been the turning point in the love hate relationship i had with my Comanche. Late one afternoon my youth Minister at the time called me and said that Tom went out in his new wrangler and got stuck, he was leaving and would be arriving to help Tom in about 20 minuets. 20 Minuets later i get a call from him again saying he is now stuck. when I arrive Tom's Wrangler is up to the frame in mud and water, and Steven's WJ Grand Cherokee had the bottom resting on solidish ground and 2 wheels in loose mud.. we dug out some of the mud from around Toms's tires, and i was able to pull him out with my MJ. Some how Steven's Jeep took more work to get him un-stuck. we hooked Tom's TJ to my MJ and used the 2 jeeps to finally free Steven's WJ. It took 4 hours but we all made it out safely and just before dark.

Posted Image

What owner loves best about CC
What I love about Comanche Club is the wealth of knowledge available, all the inspiring builds and stories.

My Grandfather bought my Comanche new, all my uncles asked to have it but the day I got my drivers License it was mine!
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My oh my... This truck has got to be one of my favorites on the club. Nothing overbuilt, nothing out of place. Just a clean, DD-able rig with some nice touches here and there. That brush guard is almost tailored to fit the boxyness of the MJ, like a resto-mod version of the original that was just flat square steel. The subtle pinstripe, the turbines... Verrrry groovy. I dig it. I know I'm not the only one either. It's great that you got the truck from your grandfather and gave it a second wind... I bet it's great for him to still see it going strong.

Congrats on your MJOTM! Enjoy the spotlight!

Rob :cheers:

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Dude beautiful truck, absolutely awesome. Good Job on getting her the way you wanted her, and good job on keeping her that way haha, also thank you for serving this great country. 

Thanks for the compliments on the truck, but I have never served in our nations Military.  However we do have strong ties to the military, as most of our family is serving or has served in the various branches.

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oh sorry, i saw the acu bottoms in the pic and assumed, but you know what they say about assuming, makes and @$$ of u and me haha, jk, but thank them for me if you would or can, and still though awesome comanche man, i can honestly say i have never seen a lifted truck as clean as that, not like washed clean but just as sharp and precise, and i live in southern ga haha, but wow man, just exceptional 

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