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  1. I have searched around here and AX-15 are like gold. The only XJs I could find around here have over 250k miles on them. So this TJ tranny and TC is going to be more of a pain in the a$$ than anything? I am just so sick of this thing at the moment its unreal.
  2. So you have to get one made? I was just now looking for the part number I seen for the CJ bushing.
  3. Hey Guys, The Puke-goat is really screaming when going down the road these days. I found a wrecked TJ with an external slave AX-15, TC, Linkage and all the goodies for 600 dollars. Are there any problems with the later model AX out of a TJ that I should know about going in to my 1988 4.0 MJ. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  4. Good info Jeep Driver..... Thanks, I ordered an advanced adapter SYE and an Adams driveshaft. The fella who installed my steering and control arms said he would take care of the angles and get it set up correctly.
  5. Hey guys, its been a while since I posted but I need some expert advise. I have an 88 Comanche with 4.0, 5 speed, around 6 inches of lift (SOA) and an 8.25. First off, Saturday I snapped the eye that holds the u-joint in on the rear driveshaft just riding down the road. I know I have bad angles and have been suggested a TC drop. Since I have to buy a new drive shaft I was wondering if a SYE would help with my angles or if I should have the perches cut off and tilt the axle up to help with angles. Also should I keep the same size drive shaft? Any and all help would be appreciated. Bobby
  6. I really like it. Very easy install. Beefy as hell. I cannot get over how beefed up these control arms are too. Crazy over kill if you ask me. Andy at Ironman don't want you to break anything that's for sure.
  7. Well its been a few months since I have posted. I didn't go long arm.... :dunno: Instead I just got Andy from Ironman 4x4 fab to build me upper and lower adjustable control arms. I just got the tracking number so be looking for some pictures within the next week.. :thumbsup: Also that clunking noise was my transfer case. I have since replaced it with a freshly rebuilt NP231. Basically the whole damn truck is new now.
  8. DAMN YOU DEATH WOBBLE!!!!!!!!! :fs1: Well I was pulling my 4 wheeler and hit a few bumps and it unleashed pure chaos. My TRE are completely trashed. (Notice in the pic the bushing is completely gone) It also jarred something loose up with my front driveshaft. It's making a crazy clicking/thumping noise now. I went ahead and ordered the Currie HD steering set up and a Kevin's Off Road steering stabilizer. They should be installed by next weekend. I will post up some picks and hope after new steering and an alignment my death wobble will be cured. :crossfingers:
  9. I also had seasoned masons helping me. The 3000 dollar wet saw was a huge help on making the clean cuts for the cap pieces.
  10. Just building the fire pit only took about 4 - 6 hours. But I have a ton of time in clearing slinging rock and all that good stuff. :thumbsup:
  11. Sweet man.... I have never taken my MJ up there. I don't have anyone else that is locked to go with me. Are there bypasses that an unlocked 4x4 could make it around obstacles or would they be forced to turn around? We might have to get together and go up there this spring/summer
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