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  1. Thanks Fanatic I will give it a shot! Appreciate it! :cheers:
  2. I'm looking for a Lund/Moon visor. I know I can't buy anything after market. I was hoping a member would be willing to part ways with one! TXT (785)817-9724 Email: rlringgold@gmail.com
  3. Hey guys, I work at 4x4Land here in Topeka KS and the boss is always trading used parts. We acquired a set of 5 AEV Pintler Beadlock wheels 5x4.5 bolt pattern. They are 17x9 wheels. They are in pretty good shape. One or two of them have a couple scratches. We took the rock rings off and sanded them up and got a fresh coat of paint on them. These would finish up someones project MJ nicely. If your interested call 4x4Land at (785)862-8008 and ask for Riley. If you need more pictures just let me know and I can email some or text you some. We are asking $1100 for the set.
  4. Alright so I've got into pitbikes early last yeah are here around Topeka there are couple places to ride. Mostly my buddies and I go trailin' not really MX. I've got an 07 KLX110 with a couple mods I picked it up hella cheap and with low hours. I plan on a big bore kit and the 4speed drum this yeah. What do you guys have UTVs, Quads, Big Bikes, anyone else have any Pits? Where do you ride? LETS SEE THOSE MJS LOADED UP!
  5. Yeah I met a couple at Frostbite, seems like good folks. Have fun welding!
  6. Hey guys, I'll be Wheelin this weekend up at Randolph. A group called Brush Beaters have invited me up there to wheel with them. If anyone wants to come out I'll be here Sat evening and will be camping so I can wheel some more Sunday. Reach me on CB channel 10 if you come out!
  7. Thanks for the input Pete! Yours look good and it's does make sense to put the bar all the way through. Like me, you didn't "tie" into the pinch seam either. Looks like you kinda grinded em round and just have the pinch seam touching your bars. Correct?
  8. Spector, I did .25" and I think it's a little over kill lol. I believe 3/16 would be good, a lot of the ones you can buy on the internet are 1/8" wall I don't think that's do it.....
  9. Jbain, that's my plan man. Do you have armor on your bed rails?? If these welds do rip out of the Frame I will post up a "you told me so" thread but I don't think they will I don't do enough hardcore wheeling for this to be that big of a deal.....
  10. Here's the pictures I got from Frostbite. Feel free to add me on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/riley.ringgold/media_set?set=a.10152242800099791.1073741833.803009790&type=1&refid=18&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment&__tn__=%2As
  11. Got them finished up just in time for the frostbite event and boy did they do their job hhsha. So I plated the frame and welded them to the plate. I got them far enough up that they Rest in the pinch seam but I didn't tie them in. They worked great, rock hard and that's what I wanted. I will add the side steps sometime when i need somthing to do. Also I'll make one an air tank when I get a compressor.
  12. Okay I'll get on the computer some time next week and make a drawing with dimensions. I was thinking that if I tied into the pinch seam that when I did hit a rock and if it did move the rocker guard it would bend or buckle the body panel. If I just tie into the frame with a 3/8 gap between the rocker rail and any body part then it would give the cleanse for flex without hiring anything.... I love the advice and want to do this right
  13. Okay I think I'm going to bolt 1/4 inch plate to the frame and the weld to the plate. Can you explain what you mean by vertical welds to the pinch seam?? I and giving it about 3/8 of space between the seam and the frame tie ins
  14. So got started lastnight. First I cut my pieces to 6ft This is 2x3x.25 I wanted an angle but I don't want them crazy sharp so I just took off 1.5 from the bottom of each side Made my end caps just a little but bigger than the inside of the tube this way my weld wasn't past the side of my tube less grinding I'm only a novice welder but I didn't think I did to bad ;) I then propped it up against the truck and measured the spaces to the frame..... No pics sorry but this was a pain in the @$$ the frame gets narrower towards the front.... The rear was like 7.25" the middle was like 9.75" and the front was like 10.25" cut these pieces and cleaned them up then I put put them I between the frame and the rocker guard and marked the rocker guard where they needed to be. I put the rocker guard flat on the concrete and put a 1/4" plate under each frame tie in to bring it flush with the bottom of the curves tubing. And welded them And after this I did the other side the same way. I decide at 1 am I wasn't up for bending the tubes for the steps so I'm doing that tonight. And I think I'll make them air tanks a little later on. But 1 am deffinatly ain't quitin' time! I then replace my steering links with the currie enterprises kit. Looks good and was easy install still gotta align it a little better and I need a new track bar (any suggestions?) but here's some pics of that More to come tomorrow gotta bend the tubes weld, them on, paint em and get them on the truck. NEED HELP DECIDING WHETHER TO WELD THEM OR BOLT THEM TO THE FRAME
  15. Who's rig is this??? This is Exactly what I'm going for.
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