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  1. Skanky gas issue again. Sadly this rarely used MJ frequently has stale fuel, it only gets used for a couple of miles a month, at the most. And it needs to have a few gallons in the tank to avoid stalling while on steeply sloped side hill trails. I now only use non ethanol with Stabil, but still have fuel issues. it’s like I need a removable 1 gallon gravity fed tank......
  2. It seems to have disappeared about the time I realized the tcase was dry. That was another issue solved by CC. I can now shift and the annoying squeaking is gone.
  3. skanky!!! I siphoned some gas and added fresh... she’s very happy now. The truck is used infrequently for farm use, so now will have Sta-Bil with all gallons added. Thanks for the great advice.
  4. Update from today. Started and ran for a min but as soon as throttle was released it died. Beginning to think it’s a fuel quality issue. Going to drain as much as I can out and put some fresh gas in and see what happens.
  5. Yes spark is there at ignition and pump stays on. Have not tested timing. Fuel filter is new about the same time pump was replaced in 2015.
  6. I apologize in advance, this may get long. This ole girl started and idled just fine for about 20 min the other day, went to drive off and as soon as I released the clutch it died. That’s where the problems start. The list of things we’ve checked: fuel is present, spark is present, airflow is good, CPS was replaced. It cranks normal but will not turn over. Acts like it is trying to start but something is missing and I cannot figure it out. Then today, after putting in new CPS, took out each spark plug, wiped them off, and she started right up. Idled perfectly (at least for a Jeep) and drove a little even. During the end of the drive, while trying to turn around, it would actually lose power when the gas pedal was hit ultimately shut off and hasn’t come back on today. Acting just like it did the past couple days with not turning over. Please give ideas as to what this could be. Thanks for your time and help. Fuel pump, plugs, wiring harness, distributor replaced 3 years ago with minimal driving since.
  7. A couple of days later........ the owner tells me he never checked the fluid. So I remove the drain plug and nothing comes out. I then filled it, ran it until warm while exercising the gears, then drained and filled again. It definitely is much happier with fluid, still a little stiff to change tcase selection but the manche is again usable. I’ve got cardboard under it now to check for leaks. Thanks yxmj for the fluid suggestion!
  8. Wow, I just checked the fluid level and couldn’t feel any with extended pinkie finger in the hole, and this was with truck on slight incline nose up. I’ll drain and fill in the next few days.
  9. Good idea, though first I need to research the “magnet”. I’m the keeper of the Manche while owner son is out of state. Basically I run it every few weeks to keep it happy, going on 3 years. Skills are slow coming, last year had to replace fuel pump.
  10. I was able to reattach the linkage and shift from 2wd to 4H, and then with great difficulty managed to shift to 4L but it soon popped into neutral. It appears that 4L is not working well, I’ll play some more with it but expect the overhaul will be happening the first week of January.
  11. With a little bit of force I was able to vise grip the tcase into 2wd and then move the manche under its own power. It drove well around the yard in 1st and 2nd. Next I’ll reattach the linkage and see how it works. More than likely when the owner son is home for a week in January we’ll be over hauling it, any suggestions for a good reliable kit?
  12. The linkage was removed a year ago when it wouldn’t leave 4L, a failed attempt to fix it. Now that the tcase appears to be in neutral I’m going to try vice griping again or reinstalling the linkage. Maybe I’ll get lucky.....
  13. I’m fairly certain I need the transfer case over hauled, and I’m positive I don’t have the time nor ability to do it. For the past year the 2wd/4wd linkage wouldn’t budge and has been stuck in 4low. Last week while in reverse there was a clunking sound and now there are no working gears. I can shift through all 6 positions but nothing happens nor sounds when letting out the clutch. Can someone ball park an overhaul? Thanks.
  14. I’m assuming others have listened to the audio, and am quite surprised there are no replies. The recording was made while driving, with no doors, and holding the phone near the driver door sill.
  15. I’ve got a squeaking noise that increases as the speed does. It’s not all the time but fairly consistent. Currently I only have 4x4 low gears available, and typically only ever use 1 and 2. The attached file is from an iPhone, now converted to mp3. Manche Squeak.mp3
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