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Well, well, well. We have another tricky one this month. As was the case with Buffalo Bob... When the bug bites and you have the room for it, one MJ becomes... Well a lot of them. Enjoy. :cheers:





















4.0, AW4, 2WD. Overheating when I got it. Took a new radiator to fix it. I got this MJ from another CC member, Phil C. He was going from Denver to Nevada, or someplace and it over heated on him and he had to leave it. I made a rush trip from Pueblo and got it on the dolly and was leaving just as a tow truck pulled in to get it. I figure Phil may want it back when he gets going again and he can have it for exactly what I got in it.








2.5L, AX4, 2WD, D35, 3.55. This is my fair weather DD. Runs like a scalded dog. Gets 18-20 mpg when I push it. Gets 20-22 when I take it easy.








4.0L, AX15, 4WD, D44 front, D60 rear. PO was building a rock crawler. Unfortunately he didn't know how, or what he was doing. Fortunately I caught him B4 he junked it. Cost me $150 and a 150 mile round trip to get it.








2.5, AX 5, 2WD. Partially stripped but I got all the pieces for it. PO was going to modify it but quit.








2.8L, AX 5, 4WD, D30-D35, 3:73. This is my foul weather DD. Need the 4WD to get the 2 miles from the county road, up the hill to the house. 2.8L Will do everything a 2.5 will do. Just takes longer.








2.5, AX5, 2WD, D35 3.55







1986 BASE

2.5, AX5, 4WD. Fella was running something in it. It has a 200 Amp police-commercial type alternator.








2.5, AX 4, 2WD. This truck was sitting on the parking being used as a trash can. It was full of garbage, trash, maggets and flies. I tried for four months to get the lady to sell it to me. She wouldn't. Finally I called the city health dept and the zoning dept. Complained about the trash and the eyesore. 3 days later she called me and wanted to know if I still wanted it. I gave her $400 for the MJ and a wrecked '98 XJ in her yard.








2.5, I do not believe this engine is stock. It has too much get up and go. However I cannot find any evidence of aftermarket goodies. 5 sp, 2WD, D30, D35, 3:73.Truck is rust free. Left front door was was Bondoed. They did a very good job and I never noticed it until I pulled out the magnet.






What owner loves best about CC

The members. Never saw so many people willing to help when some one has a problem.


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the underdog. When they quit making Corvairs I had 32 of them in my yard. I have always been a Jeep man. In 1947 I learned to drive in a WW11 MB my grand dad in Mo. bought at the end of the war. I was 12 years old. Been a Jeep man ever since. Think the rarest Jeep I ever had wasn't a Jeep. Was a 1942 Willys P/U. 100% complete, running and rust free. The only passion I have greater than for Jeeps is air planes and flying. About 5 years ago went to look at some property to buy. Couldn't get together with the guy on price so forgot about it. As I was leaving I noticed a headlight sticking out from some heavy brush. Looked. It was a 1989 MJ Pioneer. I didn't know what a MJ or Pioneer was then. Just knew it was a Jeep. Also looked like a nice truck. We talked. Got it for $100 dollars. No title. Got it home, played with it, got it running. Been hooked on MJ'S ever since.









Jim, you have such passion for the MJ's and life in general, can't believe you've slipped us this long. It's for real! I know you couldn't believe it. Couldn't have highlighted a better member this month... You seem to run the Colorado MJ rescue. If there is a cheap, neglected, forgotten, or abused MJ within a days driving of you, you don't think twice to go pick it up. Many of the trucks you have would have been destined for the crusher, but you've found a use for all of them. Whether it be your DD, your foul weather DD, parts rig, or a project. Not only that, but you are constantly offering up pieces and parts of your fleet to other members in need. Even offering to dolly a rust free Colorado MJ all the way to us poor suckers in the rust belt. It's a shame you had trouble making it out to us... Would have been a hoot for sure. You are always the first one to lighten up the mood, or offer up a great story from your travels. I'll never forget one of the ones that had us all jaw dropped and in disbelief from a thread talking about wheeling 2WD vehicles:




...My girlfriends grandfather told me he once took his shiny new Grand Wagoneer over a pass around Leadville (the name has slipped my mind). His wife argued his new Jeep would get torn up, but they still went for it. Got to the top and saw a family of 4 in a convertible GTO. Guess with big motors and a limited slip rear end you can do anything.


If your GF'S GD was driving a brown/tan Waggy over Mosquito Pass in July,1972 tell him you talked with the driver of the Blue '65 GTO convertable,389, 4spd,posi trac, who remebers him and the pleasant conversation we all had. Jim




Jim, nothing left to say but...


It's no joke! Congratulations on your MJ(s)OTM!


Rob :cheers:

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I'm happy to be the first (after Rob) to congratulate you for the March 2012 MJOTM youngster Jim. I'm not going to comment on your statewide MJ rescue effort - everyone knows about your dedication and knowledge for these great trucks. It's the other stuff like sharing your expertise, life experiences (so many), and generally being a great role model and calming influence to our forum. You're living life the way you want to mate, keep it up for another twenty or so. :cheers:

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Great knowing the stories behind each and every truck. I noticed you must collect other Jeeps as well. It great seeing fellas like you that know that the MJ and XJ won't be around forever and to give every single 1 the best chance of making it through life. Keep it up, I'm sure i speak for many when i say "I'm proud of you" :cheers:

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Really groovy to see so many guys from Colorado here...Man I am glad (for the sake of my marriage) that I don't have as many comanches as you do.

...but then again I have only been at it a short while (and already have parts/trailer stashed at a buddy's place).

Congrats on the awsome collection of trucks...my old man had a new corvair in 65'



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He sure lived far out at the end of a dirt road didn't he? Apparently he had a lot of lookers but nobody wanted to go his price. Took me half a day to get it running, mostly flushing out the fuel system, but finally got it running. Ran great. Got a good engine and tranny. I've got the other axle assy's for it in the bed and hopefully this summer I'll have it back original. The axles he put under it, Waggy D44 and D60 are worth a couple hundred but I believe the sloppy welds and generally poor workmanship, plus the price is what scared most people off. comanche.gif

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