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What's your MPG?

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91 MJ 4.0 5 speed - never got around to checking, but I would guess about 16.

91 MJ 2.5 5 speed on 3.55s - Last time I did checks on a 560 mile trip, they ranged from 16 to 23.... But there's something wrong with it.

88 XJ 4.0 Auto - was getting 26 before I swapped the motor, now it's getting 18.5 :wall:

99 XJ 4.0 Auto - 17.5

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buick 3800, 5 speed, 4x4, 3.55's and 31's....26mpg daily, have gotten 34mpg highway behind a semi for 200 miles. averaged 28-29mpg highway, though.


86 xj 4 cyl 5 speed 4x4 4.10's, 29" tires. 16-19mpg city, 21mpg highway.


87 mj 4.0 auto, 4.10's with 33's. 17mpg city, 18mpg highway. the motor was fubar'd.


same mj, with 33's but all 95 H.O. 4.0 auto, I got around the same mileage as renix.


same mj, again, with 35's on it...take one or two mpg off what I was getting before.


86 mj 2.1l renault turbo diesel, 5 speed, 4.10's, stock tires (225's)...27mpg on a bad day, up to 38mpg depending on how easy you are on it. it would get better if the head wasn't cracked and we could get the boost above 5.


88mj 4.0 5 speed 4x with 3.07's and 31" tires...16-17mpg daily, 18-19 highway.


same mj, with 28.5" mud terrains on it, 18-19 city, 21 highway.


same mj, 28.5" m/t's, 3.55 gears, solid 18 city, 20 highway.

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