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Master MJ/XJ Junkyard list

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I’ve been compiling a list now for years about Comanche specific parts and Cherokee parts to look for at the junkyard. Not just stuff I need now but things I may need for future Comanche projects. It seems I always get to the junkyard and totally forget “the good stuff” but then I’ll be driving down the road or working on a Comanche 2 weeks later and remember oh yeah, add this to the list, so I’ve been making notes in my phone. Here they are, 

what do you guys always look for at the junkyard?  Please add to the list. 
Especially “rare” parts, I wanna know. 


MJ specific parts- 

  • Fuel pump/ sending unit assembly 
  • Gas tank if in good shape
  • Gas tank skid plate
  • Tail lights 
  • Tailgate
  • Tailgate rubber bumpers
  • B pillar interior lights
  • B pillar covers
  • Decent seats/bench
  • Center console/ Mini console 
  • Rear windows slider/solid
  • Rear Slider window latch
  • Spare tire tools/ Jack 
  • Bed Tool box 
  • Transfer case skid plate
  • Front skid plate
  • Under rear window plastic panel
  • Under rear window, back of cab cover, fabric panel 
  • Bed liners
  • Rear bumper/ plastic corner pieces
  • Rear bumper plastic step pieces
  • Cargo light 
  • Rear License plate lights
  • Tail light wiring harness 
  • Plastic B pillar exterior cab covers
  • Rear D44 
  • Rear driveshaft 
  • Nice headliner or even backing boards
  • Rear window gasket (removal with fingers only for no damage)


XJ parts-

  • 97+ wiper arms
  • 97+ Side mirrors 
  • 97+ exterior door handles 
  • 97+ XJ door checks
  • Owners manuals
  • Upgraded/Nice Door cards 
  • Chrome hockey stick arm rest door trim
  • Clock, Renix and HO
  • 12v plug panel
  • Wing windows
  • Oh Crap handles 
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Horn button upgrade 
  • Exterior window visors
  • Chrome door handles 
  • Electric fan 
  • Under hood light 
  • Glove box light
  • Courtesy lights 
  • Sentinel light module 
  • Seat belts
  • Air box clips 
  • Straight Air box 
  • Fuses and relays
  • Lower dash panel
  • Ashtray 
  • Rear D44
  • Valve cover grommets and 90s 
  • Aluminum valve cover
  • Intake manifold rubber vacuum adapters
  • Map sensor with hose
  • Crank position sensor 
  • Window crank arms
  • Window seals
  • Door seals
  • 21 slot grill and black steering wheel
  • Factory switches and panels
  • Sun visors
  • Sun Visor clips gray and Black
  • Black A pillar covers
  • Black plastic interior pieces 
  • Wood grain dash bezel
  • Silver dash bezel
  • Full 6 gauge dash
  • Oil pressure sensor 
  • Temperature sensor 
  • O2 sensor
  • Knock sensor   
  •  90s XJ fuse box (for adding to existing fuse box) 
  • Relay center cover with clips
  • Renix era window washer tank 
  • HO Washer tank
  • Decent rear view mirror With buttons 
  • Decent/aftermarket  muffler 
  • Newer brakes 
  • Newer radiator 
  • Newer starter
  • Newer alternator 
  • Newer Exhaust manifold 
  • Newer unit bearings 
  • Coil, for Renix and HO
  • Renix starter relay
  • Peugeot Bell housing and mount
  • Windshield wiper module
  • Manual Window regulator 
  • Gas cap
  • Glove box cover
  • External slave AX15 
  • Dual Diaphragm brake booster 
  • Aftermarket Headlight wiring harness
  • 1 Pc Passenger axle
  • Aftermarket Valve covers 
  • Long Arm kits
  • Battery Cables if nice 
  • Heater hose retainers to valve cover 
  • Fuel pump ballast resistor 



WJ parts-

  • Lower control arms
  • Knuckles and calipers for swap 
  • Steering Tie rod and Drag link (supposedly DOM from factory?)


ZJ Parts-

  • Rear springs for MJ front lowering springs
  • Spring isolators, stronger, metal core, stackable
  • Pitman arm, 1” drop
  • V8 sway bar



I don’t have any 2.5L MJs so maybe You guys can add the good 4cyl parts to the list as well. 
I have Renix and HO MJs so usually It depends on the donor Jeep I’m at for what I’m looking for. 
And if there’s anything I missed. Let me know. Always looking for something at the Junkyard. 

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Here’s the things I have on my list that I think you missed, nice list so far tho :thumbsup:



-Tail light sockets (MJ)


-2.5L coolant res

-Air intake hose 

-Cab corners(MJ)

-Back window (MJ)

-AC Control box (84-96 XJ/MJ)

-Foot Parking Brake (MJ)

-Drip Rails(MJ)

-Wing windows

-Steering wheel

-Windshield Trim

-Gauge pack

-2.5l axles(4.10s for 5 speed man or 3 speed auto, 4.56 for 4 speed auto, 3.54 for 4 speed manual- these numbers don’t apply to 84-86 models)




-Tie rod 


Cadillac (CTS,DTS,STS: V6 model):  

-MJ Tail light connector 



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^^^ Good lists.   


A few minor things ...

- I always check the glove box for an owners manual.  I've even found receipts that lead me to recently installed parts.

- I grab small brackets, hardware, etc. that I can restore, basically sandblast and powder coat in large groups, and put in to my stock.   It speeds up maintenance and repair jobs later.

- Small thing but I've replaced 3 windshield washer pumps with ones from NAPA and the rubber washer for each one leaked.  I usually grab a few extras. 


I always walk out with a bag if small items and tell them they are the fasteners, etc. for the larger parts I'm buying.   I've never been charged for them.    


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Excellent list.  One thing I don't think I saw was front door manual window regulators.  They are an often needed item, not reproduced.  They take some time and effort to remove, but worth it for a good working one.  And if you are removing the front wing windows, you are doing part of the work already.  I believe some are pop riveted into the door (early years?) so a cordless drill and drill bit may be needed.  I recently removed a pair from a 96 XJ, and it was all bolts, no rivets.

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Front skid plate too, I didn’t see that on the list. I might’ve missed it too. 

Factory 2.5 AC stuff is rare. The bellhousing off of a 2.5 Dakota can mate an AX-15 to a 4 cylinder. 

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29 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

There is also this thread going, but its more upgrades rather than parts to grab, but still helpful.


Yeah definitely. Lots of good stuff on there as well. Will be nice for future Junkyard trips to have all this information in one spot. 

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Similar to scguy's comment, 21 slot grilles and Wagoneer header panels are worth pulling. Probably any chrome front end pieces too. As are XJ Wagoneer taillights.

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1 hour ago, 89 MJ said:

Similar to scguy's comment, 21 slot grilles and Wagoneer header panels are worth pulling. Probably any chrome front end pieces too. As are XJ Wagoneer taillights.

Nice catch Carter How did I forget that, yeah basically any waggy specific parts, waggy seats and interiors go nice in mj’s :D

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