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if you'd like to donate to our website bills, now's a great time :)

Pete M

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years ago we had an annual bill and that reminded me to remind everyone else about donating a couple bucks.  but now it's a monthly bill and I tend to forget all about it until there's like 20 bucks left in the account.  :doh:   :laugh:


paypal ID:  comancheclub@hotmail.com


message me if you'd prefer a snail mail address. :L: 

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Just a countrified jest that you have a lot of money
If you consider living paycheck to paycheck and using old stuff to make things run again, I'm rich.

Most here have a hell of a lot more disposable income than I do.

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6 minutes ago, shelbyluvv said:

If you consider ......

You are rich in all the ways that matter.  Loved by family and friends and respected by everyone that matters and happy in the things that you do.  I am sorry if my humor fell flat and offended you.  Nice Christmas tree in the back of the J10 

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