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February 2020-dasbulliwagen’s 87

89 MJ

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February 2020-dasbulliwagen’s 87


YEAR/MODEL: 1987 Comanche Sportruck                


ENGINE/PERFORMANCE: 2.5L, "cold" air intake, engine driven fan deleted, electric fan and controller added. I have a MOPAR stage 3 cam and aFe header to install later, or during a future 2.5 engine build.


DRIVETRAIN: AX5, NP207, Dana 30, Dana 35 4.10 gearing                        




SUSPENSION/STEERING: Rubicon Express 5.5 front springs, SOA rear on original 2wd springs with lengthened shackles, RRO control arm drop brackets, Core4x4 adjustable control arms and track bar, sway bar drop brackets with sway bar disconnects on XJ upcountry sway bar, Bilstein shocks front and rear.      


INTERIOR: Stock black bench seat, with XJ Wagoneer full power doors and panels painted to match the black interior. I have new carpet to putin it, but haven't done yet. And the seat will be getting re done soon as well.


BRAKES: WJ booster and master swap




BODY: Wagoneer header/grille assy, XJ rear bumper, Scarfab rear hitch


WHEELS/TIRES: XD wheels with Firestone M/T'smounted with Spidertrax adapters (all are stock JK size 32")


MISCELLANEOUS: I'm the second owner of this Comanche and Ive had it for about 12-13 years. It had 336,000 miles on when I went to look at it. I heard about it from a friend that a friend of his was selling everything off and moving cross country and that he had a Jeep truck for sale cheap. Evidently it had been sitting for about 4 years, but the PO came out on a weekly basis to run it and keep the fluids cycled, but after so long it got to running worse and worse. When I went to look at it, I didn't expect it to run, but he popped the hood, hooked up the battery, and it fired right up. It didn't run very good, but it did run! I paid the man the $250 he was asking and limped it home! After a tune up and several bottles of fuel system cleaner it was running decent but still had a hiccup. I started out with a new OEM O2 sensor and its been running great ever since! Then, I discovered this place..... A world of possibilitiesopened up. And it didn't hurt that I worked at ajeep dealership! Cash for clunkers was very good to us technicians. We were allowed to take whatever we wanted, excluding the engine and trans. A very nice, same color as my truck 86Wagoneer was traded in under that program which got me the grille, bumpers and the full power doors. It was a shame that the Wagoneer was doomed to that fate. Its been a slow build, but Ive loved every minute Ive owned this truck and Ill never part with it. 




Congrats @dasbulliwagen!! 


If you want your MJ as an MJotM, send me a PM!!


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