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Jeep comanche trailer wiring harnesses

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I made one of these for my truck using the Cadillac connectors and figured after seeing the connectors sell, that the harnesses may sell too. I used the Cadillac harness connectors and brand new trailer wiring harnesses from curt to make these. They are connected with solder and heat-shrink connectors then tested to ensure that they are working correctly. I can also custom make them with replaceable trailer ends or other trailer wiring connectors. The last two pics show the harness for sale.  

Pricing is as follows:

Used connectors-

$45 for one

$80 for two

$115 for three

custom harnesses- just ask


New connectors-








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5 minutes ago, kansashogan said:

Are those heat shrink connectors any good? I have had the add come up on my Facebook several times and I wondered. I use the brand from Autozone and they are decent.

     Oh, and good job, I bet you will sell quite a few. 

Yea they work very well. One of my friends told me about them and I’ve been using them for a little while with no real issues 

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I just ordered the parts to make 6 more harnesses so I’ll have more made early next week. $40 shipped for one, $70 shipped for two and $100 shipped for 3. 

Sounds good to me. Let me know when you get them together. No big rush though.

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19 hours ago, Bill said:

Great idea !  If you aren't burned out on making them yet and have one more for sale I would sure like one.

I have one more ready to go in a flat rate box and I have parts to make 5 more I think

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