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Rattle Can paint Jobs

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I did many rattle can jobs when I was a teenager, some looked ok but never really held up very well long term.


If you have an aircompressor you can get a cheap paint gun and have a better more durable paint job for less then a case of spray paint.

equipment paints are extremely cheap and are better then most spray paints, for a little more you could even get into a inexpensive single stage automotive paint.

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This paint is easily 10 years old, minus the fenders and side vent (painted those about a year ago). You can see chipping, it's faded, but held up well considering it cost about $50 to paint. I'm gonna be painting it entirely again soon, it's certainly due, but the point is rattle canning is in no way a bad decision. Cheap, easy and lasts decently long if prepped correctly. 



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Rattle can paint jobs are great because you can start and stop whenever you want. When I painted my truck it took me a good month... and then I went back after winter to finish the bed!









In that last picture you can see the difference between the fresh paint and six or so month old paint. Everything pretty much matches at this point. Rattle cans will fade especially if the vehicle sits outside. I was thinking to go white as I don't think it would've been as noticeable when it faded but the wife wanted the green. After about a year now I'd say that the majority of the truck's paint is holding up very well. Couple spots where the paint it bubbled a little bit but they're either right on an edge where something might've chipped it or way down in an inside corner where I probably didn't prep as well it I should've. Really not a big concern to me... when it bugs me enough I'll just prep and reshoot a panel and let it fade again. After all, it is one of those "maintenance free exterior models".  :yes:

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There are many threads out there about doing a roller paint job that turns out pretty well.

Is there one brand of spray paint that lasts longer?

The last set of axles I redone I used Majic brand tractor and implement paint from Tractor Supply. It seems to hold up better and be more durable than the Rustoleum industrial that I had used previously.
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I painted quite a few cars and trucks while on shore duty in the Navy on the side back in the early 70's using one-step enamel paints and an old Binks gun that looked like the one below. Not bragging, but if the vehicle was prepped right, it came out nice and I had a more work that I could handle even with others doing the prep work. Have not painted a vehicle since. Does anyone paint like that anymore?



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