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Comanche Of The Month - October, 2013 - Earl*t's '89 Eliminator


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Have you ever had one of those moments where you totally overlooked something and not had a clue how you could do such a thing? Think “elephant in the room” type of overlooked. The kind of overlooking that makes you shake your head because it’s staring you in the face and screaming for attention. I’m talking about a member and just one of his beautiful trucks that turned out just gorgeous and then somehow was… well… overlooked. Long overdue case in point…



earl*t's '89 Eliminator!!!



MODEL AND YEAR1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator







INTERIOR: Custom upholstery

BRAKES: 95'-96' Booster and Master cylinder



MISCELLANEOUS: Monochromatic theme with Dover gray metallic paint; cowl induction hood; custom roll pan; replaced front glass, swapped rear slider for one piece glass and fixed wing windows replacing functional units; swapped to NEW chrome grill, headlight surround, and associated trim













Best MJ story: This summer I attended the Bantam Jeep Festival having entered the "Show and Shine" event. Upon arrival, I drove the quarter mile or so from the highway to the staging area among the sea of incoming Wranglers. I was enthusiastically greeted by a young man directing traffic. He was smiling ear to ear, gave me the thumbs-up, and said, "It looks like it just rolled off the assembly line". If he could have seen my face in the rearview mirror, he would have seen me grinning from ear to ear as well. Before arriving at the designated location, I heard the "exact" words a second time from another course worker. I was awarded no trophies that day, but those accolades alone meant more than any dust collector could. My Comanche was received precisely as I had intended.

What owner loves best about CC: A friend of mine jokingly referred to us (CC) as a "cult"... I suppose we are a passionate lot. Our genre attracts an amazingly diverse group of talented and creative individuals.  Not only have we witnessed, but we've also been a contributing force behind the great revival of a long forgotten classic. Well, at least the Comanche is a classic in our eyes. One would be hard pressed to find the collective knowledge base and hands on experience contained in the Comanche Club family.
I especially appreciate the well intended suggestions and opinions directed toward making our projects safe and reliable.  Of paramount importance is the effort invested in keeping this site wholesome. Visitors quickly recognize the integrity represented here. The characters, quick wit, and animated smileys combine to add comedic relief. Comanche Club is the best entertainment money can't buy.  In the immortal words of our founding father, "Jeep on".




Tom, what can be said here other than that your Eliminator turned out stunning! Can’t believe how this truck wasn’t put in the spotlight sooner. By taking the original idea of the Eliminator package of an upgraded interior and the 4.0, you’ve taking it to an entirely new, higher level while keeping the soul of original truck. Even the first picture you posted of the truck looked great and well enough that most guys would leave it alone. Oh, no! Not Tom! You took something amazing and turned it into something outstanding. Hats off to you, sir!



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Wow. Just wow! How did this tastefully done masterpiece slip under the radar? I love the upholstery, the custom roll pan, the 17" AEV wheels, the cowl hood, and of course the chrome grille. The first three have never been done on an MJ to my knowledge, and are perfect. Even the D44 rear diff cover looks like it's been powder coated to tie into the into the whole monochromatic scheme. It's beautiful; the best MJOTM IMO in a long time. I love everything about it.

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Thanks for the compliments guys. I'm very grateful indeed. The camera can easily hide imperfections and the car shows sandwich the vehicles so closely, flaws can be lost. I know the location of every blemish. None the less, I'm pleased with the outcome of my first ever resto-mod. I must also give credit to my good friend, Bob Streets, who is a pro paint and body man. 

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I was waiting for this to happen!!! Well deserved!! Congrats!!  :thumbsup:

Thank you my friend. What a welcome surprise it is!


A stunning Comanche to be sure, but I have to ask... where did you get that bumper? It just looks so perfect and flush, like it belongs there. I can't stop looking at that part of this truck, lol.

What bumper, the front? :laughin: Check out the link to my build thread for more detail. I describe how simple it was....for a professional.

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It could not have happened to a more worthy truck (and owner). Earl your truck has served as a major inspiration to me for the 10 month long ordeal with my paint debacle. Every time I have just about decided that no vehicle is worth it I look through your pics and rekindle the passion. I sincerely look forward to the day we get to meet and swap stories.

Kudos to you my friend.

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Thanks buddy, isn't that what family (CC) is for? My project took way too long for different reasons than yours. I know you have exponentially more than enough life experience to know it will all work out. When I need cheered up, I look at your avatar. I love the head gear. :rotf: I too hope that some evening we can enjoy a mile high acoustic storm at the "Red Rock". 

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We spend so much time, effort and money trying to update our interior to 97+ ....... when what we should have been doing was following your lead..... well done sir.....

Thanks Jerry. I just wanted to keep the whole project as simple as possible. Re-doing the interior seemed to be the least expensive route and allowed my personal touch. However, I relinquished creative design to the upholstery shop. I'm sure you're familiar with the adage; it's hard to beat someone at their own game. Seemed best at the time. Their design looks nice, but now I have a very clear direction for the next build. It may involve doing it the hard way. We shall see.

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I actually meant the rear bumper. Typing too fast owns me.


I know, I was joking. It's not a bumper, it's called a roll pan. It's fabricated from sheet metal and integrated into the bed for a seamless design. Again, check the link to my build thread for a more detailed description and several pictures of the actual construction. I agree that the rear is one of the truck's best attributes.

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man oh man oh man...


Congrats on completing what I think is the ultimate goal for many of us.  A professional completion of a cohesive plan - and you've improved on the original without making it look Mattel Hot Wheels did it.   


Reminds me of this -- "The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple" -- Oscar Wilde




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