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MJ usage type stats? A poll


How do you use your Comanche?  

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  1. 1. How do you use your Comanche?

    • Daily driver
    • Off-road rig (big wheels n lifts n winches etc)
    • Hauler
    • Garage project in progress

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Rolling down the highway this morning I was wondering how different folk use their Comanches. I use my blue truck as every day transport and the red as a hauler.


How do you use yours? :wrench:


You can check multiple uses.

Shout if you want an extra poll option :thumbsup:

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It was a DD, now it's a parts vacuum.

That's why you need MJ double vision, while one is insisting on being a parts vacuum you have number two ready to go :D


btw this was the response i got when i tried to cast my vote


"The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.

Return to the topic last visited" :hmm:

Yeah, sorry, the forum poll coding has issues. Works for some but not others.

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I use the Comanche as a daily get good mileage and a fun small truck to drive. I'll also use it for the difficult trails here in Florida which the Comanche tackles in 2 wheel drive cause it's all it's got and all that is needed. I then have a jeep wrangler/ now a rock buggy which is at

4 right now but will be a 2 when done. Then have a 1500 dodge to do all the hauling. With those three I have all the garage time taken up I don't need a dedicated garage rig.

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