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Comanche of the month, Mar 2011 --- ANOTHERJEFF's 1988

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This month happens to be one of our most meticulous members, and one of the best guides for how-to's. Enjoy!


















---------MARCH 2011---ANOTHERJEFF's 1988 PIONEER-----------





1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer. SWB 4X4




Stock '88 4.0. New Gaskets and Detailed. Late model valve cover. Ford (Bosch) yellow 19# injectors. Rustys Air tube with AEM filter.




'99 Dana 30 front diff., with Superior Axle tube seals and diff cover. '99.5 8.25 rear diff., with Riddler dif cover. Both geared 3.55 (3.07 stock)




Open conversion. 2 Row '00 XJ radiator. Fail-Safe 195* T'stat. New water pump. Napa "98 ZJ fan clutch. '00 OE electric fan.




'90 XJ Fuse box and '97 ZJ PDC. Duralast Gold 96 month battery. 100amp alternator. Homemade battery cables with 1/0 welding cable with military spec ends. Etc.




'98 ZJ V8 steering box with stock pitman arm. '96 ZJ V8 tie rods. ORV damper. Summit power steering cooler.




Rear-Hellcreek 4.5 SUA leaf springs. Bilstein 5125 shocks. Poly shackle bushings and bump-stops. Front-RE 3.5 springs. Re upper and lower control arms. Bilstein 5150 shocks. JKS bar-pin and stud eliminators. 1 1/8" sway bar with greasable bushings and homemade discos. Procomp adjustable trac bar. Poly bump-stops and 1" spring spacers.




Black and gray scheme borrowed from '90 XJ limited. New carpet, and headliner. Tilt wheel. Full gauge cluster. Power windows w/dash mounted switches. Wrangler steering wheel. Recovered 92 bench. XJ mini console with 12v and USB outlet. Blaupunkt head unit, Alpine amp and Infinity speakers. LED dash lights. Etc.




'96 XJ booster and MC. '97 ZJ disc prop. valve. '96 Xj front brake assemblies with ceramic pads. '06 KJ rear discs with ceramic pads. Stainless brake lines.




HID headlight conversion with harness. Detours light bar with 2 6" Hellas and 2 5" Westin lights. Export front signals.




Black Soft 8s with Nitto Terra Grappler 265/75R16




Dakota light bar with w/ 6" Procomp lights. Front skid.


Best MJ story


I searched for months to find a usable headliner backer and finally found one at a nearby yard. I had the all the necessary trim removed except for the last bolt in the grab bar and I broke my torx bit. I wasn't about to leave the headliner so I pulled up hard on the grab bar and it snapped off. Sweet. Kinda. When it snapped it left a sharp piece of plastic which sliced my left hand deep. I finished up one handed, but bleed all over myself and my tools. I guess the guy at the desk felt bad for me all bloodied up and everything cause he gave me the headliner and a bunch of other stuff for $20.


What owner loves best about CC


The multitude of CC members that helped a MJ newbie out for the past 2 years. :thumbsup:














Yet another example of an outstanding member. Not only an outstanding build, but the walk-throughs of the dome lights, the door panels, basically every minute detail that you honed in on when you were building your truck. I can't tell you how many people I have steered towards your threads for help that I know they will understand. No stone went unturned in the build of your truck, everything got that special touch. I love that split interior, and would have never thought of doing that. I can see the inspiration that you give to other members in the comments and the amount of people following your build. I only wish one of my trucks could even come close your caliber of detail.


AnotherJeff's build thread: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=16945


I am happy to be the first to congratulate you on your MJOTM honor.


Well done sir, keep up the good work.

Rob L. :cheers:

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I appreciate the positive and kind comments for my amateur overbuild.


Seeing your build was one of my inspirations for buying a Comanche. Congratulations Jeff!


Thanks and congrats to you as well :thumbsup:. I was just down your way today looking at a Miata for my wife (a small payment for putting up with me). It was kind of strange looking at a vehicle with a trunk. I've had an XJ so long I forgot what that was like.


You know if we ever get finish our MJs we should meet up some where and take the both of our wives to lunch or dinner. I know mine deserves it. My treat.


:cheers: Jeff

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Funny coincidence, I just bought a Miata. I'd love to meet for dinner, just let me know when you're finished. I'm doing a little every day to try and get mine driveable again.


That is funny, we ended up finding ours in Lynchburg Va., though. '93 with 90k. I'll let you know about dinner. :thumbsup:


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