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What if you could build a brand new Jeep Comanche?


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Here's a hypothetical for everyone...


What if you could build a brand new Jeep Comanche, using today's parts?


What kind of body style would it have? Cherokee? Grand Cherokee? Commander? Liberty?


What kind of an engine would you put in it? What speed transmission?


Lift? No lift?


2WD? 4WD?


Go into as much detail as you'd like.


Feel free to photoshop your Comanche together using stock photos of other Jeeps.



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I would base it on the later XJ body -- the post 1997 style -- but with an extended cab either standard or available as an option. I prefer short bed. No lift -- the stock height is fine for up to 31x10.50 tires, and I don't need anything bigger than that. 4WD for sure, with full skid plates.


I'd like to see it with a small, reliable diesel. IMHO a 5-speed transmission is plenty, so I'd probably hook it up with the NVG 3550. Dana 44 rear axle (with MJ 10" x 2-1/2" brakes) and the Rubicon Dana 44 front axle.

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hemi,5speed,4x4, jk rubi dana 44s, extended cab with a small rear bench,and I'm thinking commander style body.


:agree: . I am one of the very few who like the looks of the Commander. I think it would make for an awesome truck (with solid front axle of course!)

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............Rubicon Dana 44 front axle.
TJ or JK?

i didnt think there was a difference :dunno:



Yeah, there is a difference. They widened the track when they came out with the JK, but they didn't beef up the tubes. That's why the JK's destroy front axles when used for serious off-road purposes. One of the 4WD magazines had an article about a year ago on a company that has a kit for retro-fitting the JK front axle so it won't self-destruct.

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I am going to get a lot of grief for this one, but here goes...


I want a Jeep with a VW Toureg V10 TDI with GM 14 bolt front and rear axles. Extreme 4x4 built a steering 14 bolt one time. A T56 6 speed with a Atlas transfercase would do the trick. Of course a Advance Adapters kit would be required, but with a little money this could come together. For the back a 4 link with a panhard bar would be necessary and if you could convert to coil over shocks all the better. The problem would be hooking up all that torque so a limited slip rear end with a air locker would be a must. And for good measure throw a locker in front. This would require total stiffening of the unit body front section continuing on back, but with the right tools this could be the best performing Jeep of all time.


So most of you are saying that would never fit in a Comanche, ok you got me. Give me a Jeep J-20 to start with and i'll keep my Comanche the way it is!! jamminz.gif

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this truck would have to grow a bit in width , length and height.. bed sizes 6.5-7.5, additional options would be crew cab or extended a stroked inline 6 with a few power upgrades options like turbo or supercharged, dual exhaust, and maybe a modified designed to support 24v :brows: , 5sp or auto with lots of hide-a-ways feature like the current Dodge and Nissan have :idea: dana 44 limited slip rear imho

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