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Here's a 3yd scoop of heavy snow from a rubber tire loader clearing snow at work the week before Christmas. jamminz.gif



And here's 2.5yds of mulch on my stock springs soon after I got her a couple years ago. :banana:



And a re-post of the MJ Landscaping shot I posted last summer. :brows:


you stole my truck!! i WISH my truck liiked that nice!

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Time to amend my post :D

Took the Rubi out wheelin, sunk it in the field




Crappy BFG M/T's couldn't get out of a litter box




time to dust off the ol' MJ :shake:




and pull out the $38,000 lawn ornament :thumbsup:




now for a beer :cheers:

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i JUST pulled a full size chevy with a plow that was wedged between 2 bushes, and alot of salt in the back. he was spinning his tires for like 10 mins....funny, the other guy standing there said "huh, ill go get my bigger truck" and walked away, when he seen me.

i hooked up and pulled....right out in two seconds!

ripped the bushes to pieces

i was like...yaaaa jeep.......

laughed at the other dude and drove away


sorry, no eye candy...just a story.... :yes:

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If it acts as your shelter for the night, does that mean its earning its keep?


Cool tent, man!


I've been debating whether to get an aluminum topper or one of those truck-tents. (or maybe even get the topper plus the SUV version of the tent). How do you like it, and how quick/easy is it to set up compared to a regular dome tent?

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