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Cool pictures that YOU have taken...


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This was at some dinner thing at my moms work ( I did this :D )


Buc's VS Redskins game a few years back


My best friend Brandon with this huge peace of wood


And my fav pic would have to be one of brothers little girls:



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Our bridge on our new GIA ORV trail this winter..taken with my phone



Pulling the dock out at the folks cabin last fall. usually a hour job, this took 2 mins..



Find the jeep! Pic taken last fall on the GIA Trail at our "Trailside Rest Area."



The white 88 MJ on a mine overlook near my house



Spring 2010 wheeling the 'Outlaw Trail'



My old Xj pulled into a dock on a extremely low Wyoming Lake



Stuck wheeling in the Poison Spyder ORV area out of Casper, Wyoming


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not my coolest pic but interesting. this is a connecting rod we pulled from a recip compressor at an oil refinary. thats a full size pallet under it and it was more than 2 years ago but if i rember right the con rod without the cap was around 600lbs. and this recip had 4 of these.

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man this pic rules...tell me a little history behind it :popcorn:


its MT. Rainer and in the spring/summer time it gets thoes clouds fairly often. i just call em UFO clouds. a couple photogophers sell pics of the mountain like that for a decent chunk of change. i use to live 20 mi from the enterance, out in mineral,wa and my old farmer neighbor told us that on a nice clear day, if the mountain has a cloud cap on it and the rest of the sky is clear, that means its going to rain the next day. supprisingly for the most part his theory held up, but i do live in WA and theres a 50% chance it will rain any day lol

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Here's just a couple favorites out of hundreds of views out my office window.


Refueling an F-16 over Lake Tharthar in Iraq:


Refueling an F-15 over northern Afghanistan:


I love my job. Keep the awesome pics coming! Didn't know we has so many photographers on here.

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