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  1. Just found all paperwork for it. Was baught new at Falveys motors in Norwich CT. After tax an sum BS rust proofing (that didn’t work). It was $13,626 This dealer is still open today Baught new on 9/18/89. Then taken to Smiths auto sales in Franklin CT next day to install a new Myers plow for $1,544. Smiths is a local jeep shop that currently still open an known for having race jeeps. and 2 days later taken to Cap City in New London CT for a Leer cap for $745
  2. 1989 Jeep Comanche renix 4.0, BA10, front d30 rear d35. Long bed 79k miles build date 3/1989 In northeast Connecticut since new Currently just pulled from a back yard it been sitting in for around 5 years. Just redid fuel system and got running. Truck has rust issues driver side frame rail under cab is rotted. But other areas better than lot I seen in my area. I picked up this Gem from the son of the original owner. Was baught new after his older J10 rotted out. Had a cap an Myers plow put on right after was baught new. Had a new cr
  3. Thanx figers my buddies parts xj a 97 lol. I haven't looked at it too much yet but do know when I plug in my drivers door with the key off the light switch makes a buzzing sound like sum thing is back feeding.
  4. I just picked up a 88 short bed wit a full 99 xj swap noes, doors drive train, dash an wiring. My prolblem at the moment is none of the body harnes is hooked up exsept for the 2 doors an the kid cut a bunch of wires.... The windows don't work either. My question is antidisestablishmentarianism year body harnes will work to swap in a uncut one. I see I can unhook it at the bottom of the dash on both sides Currently it's all 99 xj. Thanx
  5. I've been tossing the idea of running a leaf spring setup in the front?
  6. Well I got a line on the axles... Match set front an rear 60s for free! Just need to disk brakes. I plan on leaving them stock an just weld the rear spiders.
  7. I exploded my from Dana 30 doin mud drags. I got a line on a pair of 78 f250 Dana 60s. Has anyone Swaped in a front Dana 60? I plan on using them full width. Trying to stay in a cheap budget. The only mounts I can realy find are t & t customs. Is there any other good kits? I also wana upgrade to a long ARM but don't wana spend crazy money.
  8. Been bussy with other projects but this is how the MJ has been all summer... Rocking no doors an fresh front fender cuts So much for keeping the body dent free.... I endded up grabbing this 80 chevy k10 reasently sitting on 42s. powerd by a fuel injected 355. But soon traded it for this 97 Chevy 1500 with a dana 60 SAS. 350 5speed
  9. After a hard day of wheeling... my lil MJ didnt fare too well.... Endded up tacoing both my front upper control arms, an taking out the front drive shaft ujoint. Gess it didnt like a rocky hill climb holding rev limmitor 2nd gear, lots of flexing, and jumping some other small hill climbs... I drove it home after the front drive shaft came off the front diff. Found the control arms destroyed when i went to fix the u joint. my Mj to the right an my buddys XJ with a Claton 8in long arm front an rear to the left
  10. After compleatly burrning off my 31s. I now finaly put on my 33 BFG ATs. Had to remove front flairs an to some fender mods with a hammer... haha. My buddy just put a clutch in his beater f150 an tryed climbing a hill i can walk my MJ up haha. Got stuck lol
  11. Got my track bar fixed with a Rustys offroad HD upgrade an frame mount. Seems to be a lot better now. Tooke back out for some more fun. My buddys 97 gutted XJ was the first carnage of the day. Snaping a rear axle But then i ended up burring mine in a swamp logging trail..... Getting pulled out by my freinmds Claton long arm XJ My freind an i b4 compleaty coverd in mud haha
  12. I m 6'4" and my current MJ is the moast roomy small reg cab truck ive been in. But deff the bench seat is a million times better!!!! I didnt like the way my factory buckets were placed in my 90. But both 86 and 88 ive owned an currently drive, the stock bench seats is verry comfy an i can evean strech out my leg. Has more room than the cab of my 07 Kenworth tri axle! :cheers:
  13. I hooked my ele fan to a toggle switch in the cab. Along with a 160 thermostat my jeep runs real cool. Only use the eletric fan when I'm in the woods. Still plan on puttin vents in my hood. Acualy used the tranny power toggle. haha since i have swaped to a 5 speed. On power my fan is on.
  14. I did the swap on my 88. I needed a new radiator, and scored a used 1 out of a 93 XJ for free. It worked our great an took a lot less time to fill an get the air out. Just bolted right in and removed the fill bottol on the firewall.
  15. Got my over heating prolblem all fixed. Went out for a entire day of wheeling with my MJ an 2 buddys wranglers. A 91 YJ on 35s and a 01 TJ on 33s I evan got some vids on facespace lol http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 5438720216 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 3528720407 The only prolblems i had was my Y pipe on my pase setter header came off on me in the trail, and now my track bar is waisted. I been looking around at hevy duty track bars and mounts but not shure what to get just yet.. I'm leanning torweds a Rough Country bar. I do plan on l
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