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Comanche of the month, Jan 2010 --- MFPDM's 1988

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Be sure to congratulate this month's MJOTM honoree. This month we are highlighting a work in progress, and a stellar member.


--------------------------JANUARY 2010 - MFPDM's 1988 SWB------------------------------






88 SWB Pioneer, 2.5 4spd 2wd converted to 4.0 Auto 4wd.



4.0L from a 89 XJ completely rebuilt

Bored .40 over

Ford 5.0 fuel injectors




Non CAD Dana 30 from 89 XJ 3.55 gears

Dana 44 rear from 87 XJ 3.55 gears

Rubicon Express 4.5 Coils

Rubicon Express HD Track bar and bracket

RRO Control Arm Drop Brackets and frame supports

ZJ V8 Drag link and tie rod

SOA rear with 2wd leaf pack and XJ shackles for est. 4.5 lift

242 Transfer Case from a 87 XJ

Custom drive shafts to come

Shocks, to be determined



Coverted to an open cooling system

Stock tranny cooler



Swapped all engine and dash wiring harnesses with 89 XJ donor

Re-wrapped all harnesses




Stock for now



Painted Dark Shadow Gray Metallic

Frame painted with POR 15 and POR Chassis Coat

Floor pans coated with POR 15 and roll in bed liner

Cab and bed undercoated

Reflexxion Cowl Hood

Vent windows replaced with fixed ones

Windshield replaced with newer rubber gasket

Solid rear window installed.

Factory tow hooks

Factory front skid

Currie HD cross member

97+ powered mirrors and door handles

NOS 10 slot grille and tail lights



Complete interior swap from various XJ's and MJ's

New headliner material installed.

All power options for the doors.

Full gauge cluster installed

Factory AM/FM radio with 12 disk CD changer and Aux In input.

All speakers in stock locations swapped for Infinity speakers

Auto shifter from a 97+ XJ with ZJ shifter handle

B-pillar lights replaced with ones from a Land Rover Discovery

Rearview mirror with map lights.

Sound deadening material installed throughout cab.

Bucket seats from a 95 2dr XJ

Brake pedal assembly from 96 XJ

Will order new carpet.



96 XJ booster and master cylinder

Stock disc on front and 10" drums on rear

Stock prop valve and load sensing valve.



Silverstar sealed beam headlights

Factory fog lights

Under bed rail cargo lighting

Alternating turn signals



31X 10.5 Goodyear Wrangler RT/S

15 X 8 American Racing rims



97+ XJ washer reservoir in drivers side fender


Second Thoughts and Future Plans

This build started in May 2007 and as it stands right now, it is about 65-70% done. A lot of ideas changed over the course of the build. From keeping it stock to going full resto-mod. The only things I wish I could undo is the paint shop we used and the RRO control arm drop brackets. The paint looks good it is just the quality of the prep work that went in to it. As for the drop brackets, you get what you pay for. :roll: The future plans for the build, not a lot will change. Still need to plant the motor in it's home, which is very close now. Order parts to include shocks, carpet, various interior switches, brake lines front and rear, all hoses and vacuum tubing under the hood, and a few more odds and ends. Front and rear bumpers will be powder coated black. The bed will get lined and a Jack Rabbit roll up bed cover will be installed. I'm sure there will be more. :D


Best MJ story

Since this is the first MJ in the family, and it really has not seen the road yet, my story is on it's purchase. My son and I had planned on doing a resto project on whatever he decided would be his first car. He wanted something that wasn't a cookie cutter vehicle that everyone had and one that wasn't trying to be in the next Fast and Furious film. Well like most we considered the late 60's mustangs and camero's. As time came closer to starting the hunt for one, we were out and about and saw a very nicely restored old Chevy pickup. My son said, I think I'd like to get an older truck. I was happy with that decision because that was my first vehicle, a 66 Chevy C10. Well it seems he liked the late 70's but then I remembered about the side saddle gas tank issues, so I steered him away from those. Looked at the early 80's Fords, but nothing seem to jump out at us. Then it happened. Cruising Craigslist, using truck as our search word, we came across 88 Jeep Truck. I had long forgotten about the Comanche and during their day, only new one person that had one. My son said that's cool looking and unique, so off we went to check it out. 9 p.m. that night, it was parked in the driveway with visions of restored bliss, going through both of our heads. I was very proud of his decision to have a Jeep since I myself have had a love with them since high school and currently drive a TJ. I never planned to pass my addition on to him but I guess it was genetic.


What owner loves best about CC

The fact that we all share a common bond with our trucks, regardless of age, or race, or gender, or what part of the world we live in. We communicate our ideas, our knowledge, our personal life, to people we have never met face to face. Yet it feels like were talking amongst family and close friends. I found CC by a random search, just to find info on the truck sitting in the driveway. However, I found much more.




Wrenches Gone WILD!!!


Thanks for the info Paul. One great truck. Its amazing how clean everything is, and your laser focused attention to detail. The truck looks like it is going to be a sweet MJ. But, MJOTM isn't just about the truck, and the person behind it is just as cool. Your always there to lend tech advice, and help other members out. Even going that extra mile for pics, and explanations.


Couldn't be a better person for this month's MJOTM. :cheers:


Congrats Paul! :D

Rob L.

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Thanks for all the compliments. :cheers:


I have to say without a doubt, this build wouldn't be half of what it is without the great knowledge and support from the Comanche Club members. Thanks to Pete for keeping this board going and all the Mods for keeping it real. :thumbsup:

Also thanks to all that have contributed to this build with either parts, ideas, or MJ knowledge.




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I couldn't agree more with the kudos above. I double the kudos. :D I was about to send Rob a PM recommending Paul's stellar rig for this month's MJOTM. An excellent rig, but more importantly an excellent team member and leader. He always shares his learned knowledge to all members w/o hesitation. WELL DONE SOC! (I think) :thumbsup:


Enough of the Navy crap. :cheers: My question is: When will this rig be commissioned shipmate?

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When will this rig be commissioned shipmate?
What's the ETA on this thing being "done"


Well, I can't really pin point a date. I have in the past just to be disappointed when it came and went. I'm hoping by May this year. There is still a couple of thousand things holding it up. You know, they're green and white and have old dead guys on them. :D



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Very nice truck and I personally owe Paul a lot. He was able to find rare black bucket seats for me and later, a black console. Both were in great shape. I am convinced I would not have found any in any condition. Good or bad. Paul rocks. Too bad he doesnt live closer to me in Indiana.


Plus, I recently found out he is going to get a different engine and give me his existing one. What a guy.

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Nah, just referring to the current two... I don't think FEB's MJOTM has one...


Rob L.


You already have February picked already?


Is it too late to start a poll?


Who should be February MJ of the month?


1. goblazers_6

2. Darren

3. Mistress Moneypit


(Something like that.)

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