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  2. Have a 429 computer for sale, just pulled it last month. Was going to use but realized it won't work for me. As far as I know it works, have not tried it out. Looks to be in good condition. Will upload a photo. Not sure what they are worth. Price is $120+ shipping, obo
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  4. Ahh i do have one at work i didnt though of that I will check it out tomorrow.
  5. I have seen three swaybars on XJs- 24mm, 26mm, and 28mm. The 28mm were on highly optioned renix era XJs with what appeared to be factory installed trailer hitches. I carry a cheap plastic digital caliper from Harbor Freight in my junkyard toolkit to measure them. For me anyway, they are close enough in appearance to be tough to identify.
  6. I see u drove thou Charleston, WV i only live about 45 mins from Charleston.
  7. I'm always searching for parts. Recently did a MO-KY-TN-NC-SC-AL-MS-AR-MO trip with stops in almost every state for parts searching. The only downside I see, the last two parts I pulled for people, they backed out. And that was at my actual cost plus shipping, which tells me they didn't really want the parts in the first place. Neither were here on CC that I know of. I'm currently searching for a TJ hood in Light Khaki Metallic (code PJC)(no rust or dents) and a Gentex 221 rear view mirror that has the compass/temp, auto dimming, and built in courtesy lights. Possible donors are late TJ/LJ Wranglers, 2008-2010 Subarus, 1998-2002 Lincoln Continentals (none confirmed though).
  8. U know I post police Liberty on one of ur thread is that something special about it like police package? Idk much about liberty myself and have never see police in liberty before as i know XJ police package have some special parts like sway bar, 120mph cluster, LSD, ECU, high idle, and some other stuff but liberty?
  9. Is that 28mm sway bar out of XJ as police package? I have parts out XJ police package and i took sway bar out and compare with one of regular XJ swaybar it noticeable the different. But i have no idea how thick on police package.
  10. Super simple. Hit me with your battery powered pole saw recommendations. Pro-consumer grade ideally. I don't need commercial quality, but it can't be disposable. No gas No cords Batt only. This is the one i really want. Its a bit pricey, well over $200 when you buy the battery and charger. Problem is, husqvarna is making it a real PITA to buy one, but i think it will be a good investment if i can find where to buy the damn thing. https://www.husqvarna.com/us/products/pole-saws/115ipt4/967867901/
  11. I'm a young gentleman that came and talked to you about your Jeep at the winery a couple years ago... Good to see you on here again! Sadly I've moved out of my mom's house and live about an hour away in Leeds now. But what I would recommend for under 100$ is ZJ front coil Springs. (MOOG part Number CC782) Should get you about 1-1.5" of lift in the front which I would think would level it out perfectly with the weight of the winch/bumper.
  12. I really want a 28MM sway bar and a good ZJ 12.7 ratio steering box. Both would be a pain to ship is the only bad part...
  13. I used the wrong emoji, I was looking for the shocked one (it looks really small on my desktop). I’m not disapproving of your willowwood brakes, they’re awesome, but it’s not something I can afford, I was shocked to see such a large price tag.
  14. Not that this isnt a good idea....Personally, I check the wanted section before I hit the junkyards and keep the items in mind when online. I've found a few things for people already.
  15. Installing an ARB front bumper with 9000 lb. Warn winch on an otherwise stock 91 Comanche and looking for recommendation on front springs and/or shocks to maintain ride height. Thanks!
  16. don't wait they tend to fail at the worst time
  17. Haven't had the need to yet but when mine goes out I'll be either upgrading axle shafts or bypassing it by bolting the fork to the proper connected side of the actuator.
  18. trying out an idea to spread the word for those of us on the hunt for a rare-ish non-MJ items amongst those of us that frequent the 'yards. seems like it might work out once in a while. maybe? I'm certainly willing to have an extra list on my phone when I hit the pullaparts stuff I'm currently looking for: 4.10 geared axles from a 4banger gas 03-06 Liberty factory trailer harness for a 02-04 Superduty (just the rear most bit that has a like foot-long pigtail and the 7pin/4-pin connectors mounted on the bumper) what parts are you guys hoping to locate?
  19. This is the mindset of virtually every member here. It will take me years to have what I want but I will have what I want.
  20. that's almost how much I paid for the jeep.
  21. I used those when I redid my floors. They fit the smaller plugs in the cab. I bought them on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-RUBBER-Floor-Pan-Drain-Plugs-fit-Jeep-CJ5-CJ7-CJ8-Wrangler-YJ-Cherokee-XJ/331725599226?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 there isnt much information on that ebay page but I think they're the same.
  22. Just go to Wilwood.com I have not installed mine yet and I won't before I finish painting my truck. I have yet to see another MJ/XJ with a set of Wilwoods.
  23. I want those... What should I be searching? I can't find any good build threads.
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