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Sept 18, Eliminating the years! Ace's 91 Eliminator

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This month we bring to you one of my favorite kinds of projects.  One that rolls back the years of service and gives a project a great resto-fy.  Just enough modifications to help with the age, but keeping all the things that bring back the memories.




Here are the details on the project!


1991 Comanche Eliminator

4.0L High Output 

AX-15 transmission, stock D30/D35 axles. 4x4 from the factory. Added Hurst shifter.



Replaced shocks and front springs, otherwise stock

Refit to match original Eliminator specs. When I got the truck it had an aftermarket bench seat, sagging headliner, and a mouse eaten steering wheel. Interior trim was a mix of black and grey. Replaced wheel, carpet and headliner, and found a guy locally who had Eliminator correct buckets and wanted to trade for a bench. Swapped all interior trim for grey. 

First job I did on the truck, replaced all brake lines and hardware. Deleted load sensor. Planning to do disc brake conversion in the rear next time the drums wear out.


Stock, planning on adding fog lights to the front bumper to bring it back to OEM. 



Full repaint in the original Colorado Red, replaced front bumper and a fender that had been damaged in an accident. Replaced decals with reproductions. 

Swapped the turbines it came with for Eliminator 10 holes. Goodyear Wrangler tires, 235's

The rear bumper was pretty much toast when I got it, couldn't find a decent replacement so I got a JCR Offroad bumper instead. I was also able to source a factory roll bar. 

Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●
I gotta say, the experience of driving from Philly down to West Virginia to pick up the truck was still one of my favorite experiences. The anticipation and nervousness I felt about starting such a major project disappeared immediately when I pulled up and saw the truck. I fell in love immediately and I still remember everything about that trip incredibly vividly, down to the chill in the air that day. 

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

You guys are to blame for getting me into this mess! Just joking, but I never would have even started this project without this forum. I was looking for an XJ to fix up and learn to wrench on, then found out about MJ's. I didn't even know they existed, but all the good looks of an XJ up front AND a truck bed in the back? I was sold! Found this forum and read as much as I could to find out what to look for, then stumbled upon the Eliminator for sale not long after. 


No joke, before I started this thing I had never even changed my own oil! 3 years later and now I'm in the middle of a transmission swap on an XJ. You guys answered every dumb question I had and made it possible for me to do 99% of the work on this truck myself. I've learned so much, met a ton of awesome people both online and in person to buy/trade parts and found a great new hobby that I'll be into for the rest of my life. Thanks CC!







I'm really digging that Hurst emblem!!!!


And a first place win to boot!!!


Matt, a huge thank you for sharing your project with us. (and for having more gray in your beard than me...)

Enjoy being our feature MJotM for Sept 18!!

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Great looking Eliminator Ace, and with the rare factory 4WD option too. It's definitely a keeper, and you are doing a great job with it so far. Congrats on MJOTM!

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Thank you guys so much, I appreciate it more than you can imagine! This forum really stands apart from most other automotive enthusiast groups in that everyone is always super patient and helpful especially with the new folks. So glad I found that truck and so glad I found this place shortly after. Cheers to all!

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Man, such a great looking truck.. congratulations! You'll enjoy it for a long time! Really cool!

Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk

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Hot damn, it's been 3 years already? 


This truck is looking better by the day. Congrats on MJOTM.

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