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Evolution '88

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Now that I have a 97+ pedal assembly, I've measured and considered, it's not worth the effort. 

The 97+ would work with some modification but are very different. Shame too because this assembly is real smooth with no play. 


Once I get the column out I'll decide if I want to cut and move the pedal pads on my MJ set, they can be moved left about .75".

Off to ebay they go-



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New pedal bushings, Mopar pads, clutch return spring. 



All cleaned up.



Ford switch, bracket from 1990 XJ Auto.

The blue 'bushing' is a seal for TPS, centers it nicely, that's why I save this crap. 



Fits the MJ manual perfectly, I tapped for a 5mm bolt instead of the sheet metal screw that was on the '90. 





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I'm stoked! 


When I sold my Ford I took out the sound system. I had front and rear MB Quart speakers, JL sub, Eclipse head and amp. 

They've been stored in a box for years, the sub is gone, and the front speakers needed to be replaced. The rear 6x8s are in excellent condition and will be reused. 


I got to looking on ebay for replacements, the 'old school' MB Quart speakers were made in Germany, very high quality speaker. They were sold to Maxxsonics and are now made in China, from what I read they are $#!&. 


I found the correct NOS MB Quarts, been sitting in a box for 15 years, waiting for me and my MJ. :)








Sitting in storage my JL took a $#!&. I've got a new Memphis Audio on the way. 





Head unit is being replaced by a Fusion mechless. 

My Eclipse amp should still be good.


My 6x8 rears, GTG! and back to a matching set. 



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Got another set of German made MB Quart, this time 6x9.






Yes, I'll have some cutting to do, on the B-pillar too. 













Just sitting in the hole.......



Mechless, light, small, no flashing lights, no extra buttons, no BS. 

And it's water proof. Deep river anyone??? kidding. 



And back to the headliner again, this time I'll get it right, I hope. 


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My headliner was in pretty bad shape the first time I recovered it. I applied a sealer to it and I though that the foam would hide the imperfections, it didn't. 

I sealed it again and tried to use filler to smooth it out, that didn't work either, there were small areas that had blistered. I slit those areas and used a syringe to inject resin. I then went ahead and glassed the inside too. The backside is now completely glassed. 






I'll trim this and clean it up a bit tomorrow, I'll then use body filler to smooth it out. 


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9 hours ago, HOrnbrod said:


That unit sure looks foreign in a stock MJ dash.



I have spent months looking at head units.

I have gone through 4 head units. All sound like $#!&. 

Before I made a choice for a fifth, I set in stone two factors, must be mechless, must have the latest version of BT. 

It also had to have 5 channel preouts. No bells and whistles, no BS. 


The only other head unit I could find was a Sony- 




It may look more appropriate or indigenous but with a $1500 price tag and mixed reviews............hence my second choice. 



Function over form. 

I'm not interested in a head unit that looks at home but sounds horrible. Nor am I interested in a 30 year old head unit just because it came in a Jeep from the factory. 


I already cheaped-out on the sub........I'm taking a step back.

The Memphis with the homemade box is going to ebay along with the old Eclipse amp. 

JL Audio, I've decided on an active sub and a high-end 4 channel amp. 

With what hearing I have left.............I intend to enjoy this one. 




There is not much to choose from for single din (that isn't junk), double din is out of the question, I see no advantage in that at all. 

I intend to get a floor mount for my tablet, far more power from a tablet than any double din on the market.........hell, even a good phone makes DDs seem silly. 


The Fusion has good reviews everywhere I looked. 





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One last set of speakers. 






The 5.25" will interfere with the window crank. This left me the options of a smaller speaker (4") or going to electric with the crank/switch mechanism, the crank becomes the up and down switch. 

I still have to think about this one. 

The door panels will be covered with vinyl and carpet....at least that's the plan, the idea is to make the newer door panels look older. 



And thanks to a member here, I have a cluster to dissect. I'm ordering my new gauges, the panel that I have to recreate in aluminum is the black bezel. 






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I just did it, ordered my gauges. 


These were my first choice, over a year ago, however, Speedhut does not do one-off customs. I then went to  NVU, NVU agreed to make me a one piece custom panel/insert, a complete cluster to replace the stock cluster, they wrote me an estimate and I agreed. I called them twice last week to pay my deposit, they did not return my call. 


I've decide that I'll have to make my own insert panel. 

The two smaller gauges, AF and clock, will be mounted in the two side panels left and right of the cluster. 



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