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  1. Don't camp enough to even merit shell. Most likely simple flat bed for ease of access.
  2. I built some gas tank brackets and mounted the tank back in, to hold me off until I decide what direction to go with the bed.
  3. Think I'm gonna go a different direction on the bed. Took the camper shell off yesterday and took the bed off today.
  4. Had some old fabric material laying around so decided to wrap the storage lids. Think I'm gonna put a 3 gal tank in driver front for some onboard air and convert a/c compressor to air pump, then later get bumpers for multiple air tanks.
  5. Finished the hood vents. She hasn't vapor locked since...
  6. Well it's hot as Hades here in KC and I've been having some vapor lock issues. I already wrapped the exhaust manifolds and fuel lines. So now it's on to hood vents.
  7. I was hoping to get some input on an easy way for me to access the spare. I was thinking of fabbin something to straddle the tailgate and bolt it to. High enough to be able to stick my hand through center of wheel to open tailgate. What do u guys think?
  8. Mon. I decided to build some storage areas/platform in the bed of Mabus. So we can possibly sleep in her when the wife and I go camping.
  9. I took Mabus off roading again Friday. It's a small trail down the street from my house.
  10. Haha. My plans are to do a lz4 or lz9 swap.
  11. Wow, amazing build thread! I miss my MB Quart components and Xtant amp
  12. Last weekend I decided to change up the color combo and maybe hide some of the rust for now. I also added a camper shell. Here's how she looks at the moment.
  13. I know it's a rusty turd but I fell in love with it when I saw it. I have since changed the wheels and tires and taken it off road a few times.
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