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  1. Hello everyone. My father recently passed away and left me with this beautiful Comanche. It's never seen a Michigan winter and is in great shape, besides needing new tires. ~122,000 miles, 1990. I live outside of the US and would like to sell this as soon as possible as I need to close out my father's estate. I know I could sell it quick and cheap but I would rather take the time so it goes to a Comanche expert and can really appreciate it. Clean title, in Michigan (48723), asking $8,200 but willing to negotiate.
  2. JimmysJeep

    Rebuilt 91 German Comanche

    Guten tag! Looking good!
  3. JimmysJeep

    92 Comanche pipe-dream come true.

    Looking good! Hope you can get it out on the road soon!
  4. JimmysJeep

    Project Villa

    My dad has one similar to this, lookin good!
  5. JimmysJeep

    The $#!& Getter Build

    Looks like a lot of hard work put into that! Lookin good!
  6. JimmysJeep

    Evolution '88

    Looks like a nice project you're working on, good luck!
  7. JimmysJeep

    Great Lakes intro's

    Writing in from Saginaw, Michigan!
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    This helps with a new Clubber on here!
  9. Love the top lights, bet it's fun to take out at night!
  10. Thanks for sharing the FB link!
  11. JimmysJeep

    Just Got My First Mj

    Looks like a nice off-roading toy!