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Found 1 result

  1. Specifications1990 Jeep Comanche Pioneer, LWB, 4WD4.0L I6, AX-15 manual transmission206,000 milesI originally had the truck about 10 years back. At the time it had a 4" lift, 29x9.5x15 tires and the stock 3.07 gear ratio. Interior entailed a very posh, bench seat with head rests. Needing a vehicle a family member gave me the truck and being new to jeeps I never thought much of it. At the time it had a 4" lift, 29x9.5x15 tires and the stock 3.07 gear ratio. I drove it around for a couple years and that was that. As I started reading and learning more about jeeps and offroading I thought that an XJ Cherokee would be a better vehicle to build. Most of the information I could find online was about XJs, as well as most of the aftermarket support being geared towards the XJ. Going with what was thought to be a better move I bought a 98 Cherokee Sport. The Comanche was given back and away I went building, modifying, and learning as I went.10 years later with a second jeep replacing the Cherokee, the Comanche came back into my possession when the family member decided to upgrade to a newer, nicer rig. They asked if I wanted the truck back, and you can bet that I wasn't going to pass it up. When they handed it over they listed a few changes they had since done: an engine rebuild, the addition of the WilderNest, some airbags and power windows......only functioned on the corresponding control, the drivers side and passenger side if you reach across the cab, and stated that it was a no maintenance truck. So with that I have already got my plans, for the direction that I want to go with this jeep. I have already built, wheeled and sold the XJ. Then moved on to a SWB Comanche that I have been building the last 4-5 years. That one I kept rather stock, all mods can easily be undone. This time I find I want to go between the last two and have a moderately built overland rig. To speed up the process, the plan is to take all the aftermarket parts from the SWB and move them over to the Wilderbeest. As much as I would love to keep both, I don't have space and I know I won't drive both. So I am going to consolidate down to one. I am going to take the best parts from the two and make good one. But enough with the chit chat, on to the pics.
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