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Closed in and good enough to keep the weather out. :D late night with some oatmeal for rations and back to city for a few hrs sleep... then thinking 🤔...swapping fuel pump before hit the road...hope ones available..:dunno:





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Thanks. Back together and made it as all was packing up. All good cause I made it and that was the main goal. And thanks to a good host and a few members, I was able to get a fuel pump swapped in and I shall be climbing hills like factory mjs again. :teehee: now off to bed eh. 









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Good times. Was a blast being able to say I drove to this event. My own ultimate adventure. Met some good guys and gals and had a good time just hanging out and checking out the other rigs. Little bummed about not getting 😕 here sooner though, however glad I came anyways. Got my dash plaques for proof of attendance. Not sure I should be in the unlimited class 🤔 but i do have unlimited break downs. :laugh: Big Thanks to @Comanchekid45  for helping out with the fuel pump issues and hosting the fellas at his place. Definitely down for next year and as @Pete M  saysays, I can get the prevention maintenance done before the trip. :teehee:

So now I found a sending unit and fuel pump about hr away in West Virginia, so turn and burn we are to go pick it up. Be a little easier getting up the hills with a full functional fuel pump. 😎 Break it, fix it and repeat! 





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Just got home. :grinyes: little more interstate travel home. Man the jeep rides so smooth at 65mph. Just wish the roads were flat the whole trip. :shaking: so with an 11 mpg avg I'm still happy with the beast. Soon to tear it all back apart and give it some more attention and replace the engine for the next events. 







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Got a package today from @Torq_Shep. Good man helping me out from his local yards. A manual trans wiring harness to replace my auto harness and clean up some molested wiring. :laugh: plan to swap this one in with a new rebuilt 4.0. All in good time eh! :grinyes:

The jeep has yet to move since I got got back. Forgot how tiring it was to drive it over the road for hours on end. Still love it. :beerbang: however the bike has been a welcome ride for these last few muggy days. 



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On 8/5/2021 at 6:54 PM, watchamakalit said:

wish I would have known you needed one.  I have a manual harness I took out of mine.  Was your aw4 any good?

Aw4 was used and abused and did great for what i put it through. Harness is good just want to clean things up and install things fitting to the drivetrain upgrades 

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Problem with owning more then one jeep, is when you buy parts for one the other dosent get parts. :shaking:  with having to be yanked out a tree well at the dunes, lost the front splash guard on the jk, so to fix this issue and upgrade at the same time, opted for some skid protection for the start of the jk build up. Capable enough for now, skid plate will ease the mind with that added protection. Engine skid is on backorder so await its arrival. Aluminum is light and stronger then plastic. Easy enough to install as well. :L: MJ as always on guard duty protecting the sunflowers 🌻






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Indeed, dog loves the mud. 

So late night in the woods installing the master cabin floor. 😴 got back to city about 530 and got ready for a job interview today where I am currently and for the first time ever and I grew up with in a hr from here. :shaking: little warm but feels great on the bike. :grinyes:






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