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What a great weekend. Started with hanging with good friends at Megadeath concert. Then had a great day out on the bike and decided to just pull the jeep in and tear the head off. Fixing to get back in The woods to get those last minute wood orders filled. Need some power first to pull me trailer for sure. Tackle this problem 🙄 then on to the next.  And what a beautiful sunset and beginning of a new week. Enjoy. :driving: very soon on the road agian. 








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2 hours ago, Pete M said:

can't help but notice that #2 is a different color... 

Yeah i was burning coolant which causes the shiny piston top. :shaking: leak test showed every exhaust valve leaking and a few intake leaks as well. just know the reliability in the 4.0 as I'm thinking i went to PA and back with a bad headgasket. :teehee:

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Got my head back from the shop. All rebuilt and at a price I couldn't find anywhere else. :brows: so awaiting water pump, gaskets and new solid motor mounts as notice one is torn up. Parts due to arrive Wednesday, so planning to fire it up by friday hopefully. Better get fluids. :doh: also need to source coolant filter setup as be keen on installing that setup for sure. Still playing with the wiring. Looks like I'm going to have to splice the front light harness in again. Shouldn't be to bad and perhaps this time ill use solder. :shaking:

:beerbang: here's to having stock power again. :teehee:

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On 10/7/2021 at 5:54 AM, watchamakalit said:

Looking good. :jammin:

Thanks, i have been showering. :teehee:


New mounts are in. Little grinding to get drivers side to slide in. Not to bad. 4in grinder was tight, but with a 7 in disc be easier to get at. Made it work though. Passenger side didn't need grinddage. Best to bolt in mount before slide bolt in as its easier to pry engine around to align bolt then to align mount in its 2 holes itself. Otherwise pretty straight forward as per the directions. 










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5 hours ago, watchamakalit said:

are those poly mounts or rubber?


Looking good couple more hours you should have it buttoned up.:holdwrench:

Poly. Not to concerned with vibes, more concerned with movement and twisting. Next step be chaining the engine down. :shaking:


Progress is right. Slowly going back together. Was going to swap the 99 i take on but since I don't have it right here ill do it later. And furthermore will deal with power steering pump at same time being mounting will have to be addressed with that intake swap. Just a matter of plumbing it now as well and need to pick up heater hose and coolant filter setup. 





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