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Special tribute Comanche of the month, Sep 2011-- BEATERJEEP

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This month we honor a member who has recently passed on. This one is for Joe. :cheers:







Lets start with the first post in a thread of his creation, the "Who am I talking to?" Thread:


I got this idea from another forum I am part of, it's a personal picture thread where obviously you post pics of yourself so that other people that are either new to the forum or haven't been to any meets can know who they are talking to. I decided to start this off as a kinda feeler thread and see how it goes. Since I'm here first, I'll start. For those who don't know, my name is Joe and here I am.

Pic taken when I was up in Canada just a few days ago.


EDIT: UPDATE. This is what happens when you find out your knee is toast, and you're hopped up on pain pills. Boredom.


Here Joe show's his true dedication to the club... Haha. Even though he should have been getting ready to go to the hospital, he had to get that one last CC fix before he left:


http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopi ... =3&t=21242


Today's the day I go in, oh joy! I still have to pack all my clothes, snacks, etc. for my stay, but guess what I'm doing instead? That's right, I'm sitting on CC posting away. As of writing this, it is T minus 4 hours before my ride is here, and I'm nowhere near ready :nuts: .


And finally, let's look at some of Joe's labors of love. :D


Baby: '88 Comanche 2.5L AX5 2WD


Joe's favorite truck. He had many plans with it, which were ever changing. Overall, the grand scheme was to lower it, and make it a sleek street truck. Of the Jeep's he sold or thought about selling, this was the mainstay. The one that could never be sold. It was an extension of his personality, and had a character and story all of its own. From the jump it took at 45 mph, to the dent in the cab from a deer sideswiping, it was his pride and joy.





MJ15: '86 Comanche 2.8L AX5 4x4 D30/35


This was the truck he got from another member, who bought mine, and sold him this one. He actually drove, picked up a load of parts from my place by Chicago, and took them to Ohio where he bought the truck, and took it back to Northern WI. This was the only time I actually met Joe.







Joe, your going to be missed. A longtime Comanche Club member, and Jeeper. I'm sorry to say we couldn't have hung out more. Always there to help, lend advice, or a funny response to the group, it was never a dull moment. Even when life was getting you down, you weren't afraid to talk about what was going on with your condition, or explain to someone what living with Cystic Fibrosis was all about. You fought the good fight, well surpassing what the doctors told you would be your life. You made the best of it, but you were unfortunately taken away too soon.


I invite all of you to place Joe's photoshop of Baby into your signatures for the month of October in honor of him.



This month is to you Joe. Wish you were still here.


Rob jamminz.gif

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I'm really sorry to hear about this. I did not know Joe and I never had the pleasure of chatting with him on here but everything ive seen shows he was a true Jeeper, and an all around great guy. We may have lost a member, but weve gained a guardian trail guide. RIP man



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